Sunny on the Run - Into the Badlands
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The Engineer forces Sunny and Bajie to fight his champion named Mouse for their lives.

After a spirited battle, Mouse is shredded in a huge fan blade, with Sunny and Bajie escaping the opium mines.

Waldo, now aligned with The Widow, discusses the battle ahead with The Widow's daughter Tilda, in addition to Sunny and MK's fate.

The totemist religious order has a wedding, but it is interrupted by nomads.

None of the members of the sect fight back, until Lydia defends the group, killing the nomads.

Lydia is admonished by her father Penrith for killing, saying only the Gods can kill.

The Master brings MK to a mirrored room, for the purpose of revealing his past to him.

MK relives a memory of when he killed many people, and was confronted by an evil version of himself.

It is revealed that Quinn is in fact alive, and is assembling an army in the wilderness to take back his power.

Quinn has Veil and her baby imprisoned, convinced that the baby is very important to his cause.

Lydia meets with Ryder, her son and the new Baron, asking for his protection against the nomads.

They argue, and Ryder refuses to help, ordering her out of the mansion.

Out in the wild, Bajie captures a rat to eat, but Sunny refuses to partake.

MK is taken back in his memories, this time fighting he evil self.

Veil pleads with Quinn to release her and her baby, but he refuses.

Bajie uses the bone of the rat to pick the lock around his wrist, freeing himself and Sunny.

Quinn performs a blood baptism of Henry, warning his minions to stay away from him and Veil.

Waldo warns The Widow that Ryder and the other Barons are meeting in a conclave, with the purpose of usurping The Widow.

He advises her to go to the conclave and plead her case to avoid war.

Sunny and Bajie encounter a huge wall surrounding the badlands, forcing them to form an alliance in order to get over the wall somehow.









Into the Badlands
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Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Lydia: These past few months have been the happiest I can remember in a very long time. You saved me.
Penrith: We didn't save you - the Gods did.

Sunny: Give me one reason why I shouldn't kill you right now?
Bajie: Because it will be a lot harder to win chained to a corpse.