Sunny Makes a Decision - Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 3
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Sunny and Bajie continue their trip to the badlands, and encounter a former clipper named Nathaniel "Silver" Moon, who saves them from Nomad bounty hunters.

M.K. meets The Master after his training, looking to delve into his past more, but she refuses.

Waldo, The Widow, and Tilda discuss the upcoming conclave. The Widow tells Tilda that Waldo will accompany her instead.

Veil takes another x-ray of Quinn's brain, finding the tumor has grown. She shows him a fake x-ray, leading him to believe he's getting better.

Nathaniel tells them about his past: how his lover and son were murdered, decapitated by a Nomad. He tells Sunny there is no hope for them, and he should abandon his search for Veil and Henry.

One of Quinn's soldiers, Gabriel, is caught trying to escape. Quinn goads him into cutting him, making him face his fears.

Nathaniel and Sunny discuss what a burden it is to be a clipper. Sunny still thinks he has a chance for an ordinary life, but Nathaniel believes all hope is lost for them both.

Waldo and The Widow discuss the upcoming conclave.

M.K. sneaks around the monastery, and finds a group of Abbots torturing one of his mates who tried to escape.

M.K. asks Ava to escape with him. 

Sunny and Bajie attempt to leave, but Nathaniel demands to fight Sunny to the death.

Sunny wins the battle, but refuses to kill Nathaniel. 

Nathaniel attempts to kill Sunny, but Bajie cuts off the hand that was holding Nathaniel's sword. Sunny and Bajie leave with the sword, hoping to use it to barter their way back into the badlands.

Waldo and The Widow arrive at the conclave as the episode ends.





Into the Badlands
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Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Tilda: If anything happens to her, I'm holding you responsible.
Waldo: No need for threats, Tinkerbell. If things go south then, hell, I'll be dead too.

It's a long road, M.K.. Don't look for short-cuts.

The Master [to M.K.]