A Shocking Secret - Into the Badlands
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The show begins with a flashback 20 years ago, where Bajie meets Flea.

He takes the mysterious book from her satchel, and she tells him about the city of Azra.

Bajie vows to keep the book as a secret between them.

Sunny, now at The Widow's camp, discusses their next move against Quinn.

Bajie, who followed Sunny and MK to The Widow's camp, scams his way in with a story about being a runaway cog seeking sanctuary.

MK has a heart to heart with Tilda, asking her to join him on his journey to Azra. Tilda declines, telling him about her new relationship with Odessa. MK wishes them well.

Odessa tries to warn Tilda about MK. She tells her about how MK killed an entire group of cogs on a ship.

Tilda tells her MK doesn't have the power anymore, but Odessa doesn't believe her.

Quinn sends Gabriel, armed with explosives, on a mission to The Widow's camp.

Sunny and Waldo discuss the plan to kill Quinn.

Lydia and Quinn discuss his plan.

Mk and The Widow talk about his the book might be able to restore the gift in both of them. MK is not interested.

Gabriel makes his way into The Widow's camp, wearing a bomb vest. He tells Sunny that The Widow traded Veil to Quinn, then blows himself up.

Sunny escapes The Widow's camp, aided by Bajie. Sunny wants Bajie to get M.K. out, but they are stopped by The Widow.

Bajie finds M.K. and tells him about how The Widow is Flea. He also says they need to get the book away from her.

Lydia sees Quinn's cogs rigging the walls with explosives, and tells Veil that they all must escape before Quinn blows the place up.

Tilda defies The Widow about Veil and M.K.. They have a spirited fight.

Tilda begs The widow to kill her, but she only knocks her unconscious. 




Into the Badlands
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Into the Badlands Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Gabriel: What is it?
Quinn: Just taste it. Congratulations, Gabriel. You are now part of a very select society. One of only two men in this entire army to have ever tasted ice cream!

Bajie: Where did you get this book? You can trust me.
Flea: My father. He gave it to me before he disappeared.
Bajie: Can you read it?
Flea: Father only taught me one word: Azra.
Bajie: Azra. Well, that's a good start. This book. This stays between us, OK? I'm Bajie. What's your name?
Flea: Minerva.
Bajie: Well Minerva, it seems that dear mother Fate has brought us together for a reason.