The Iron Fist - Iron Fist Season 2 Episode 2
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Danny witnesses a Golden Tiger getting killed in Chinatown. He decides to investigate, and on Colleen's encouragement, he confronts Mr. Yang, the head of the Hatchets, about the death. He discovers that it was payback for the attack on the Hatchets' delivery truck.

Colleen is ambushed by another smaller gang of teenagers. He talks them down and confronts them in their hideout. She insists that she is only looking out for them and tries to convince them to stop messing with the Golden Tigers.

After the failed discussion with Mr. Yang, Colleen and Danny decide to confront Sherry Yang, Mr. Yang's wife. They talk to her at a charity event at the organization Colleen volunteers for, and she reluctantly calls him to call off a strike on the Golden Tigers.

At an auction, Joy and Davos try to get an ancient artifact needed for their plan. Ward confronts Joy about her choice to divest from the company, but Joy is cunning and forces him to leave.

Joy convinces Davos to have sex with Mika Prada, an auction house employee, in order to use the scandal as blackmail. He does so unwillingly.

Flashbacks show Danny and Davos' fight to confront Shou-Lao. Danny barely wins after Lei Kung calls Danny the winner, but Davos was unwilling to yield.

Davos' deal with Mr. Yang regarding a shipment gets canceled and Mr. Yang gives Davos back his money. Davos is unhappy and kills Mr. Yang.

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Your boy, Rhyno? There's a lot he doesn't know. Like, violence begets violence. "Begets" means "makes," which you would know if you went to school for more than the shitty pizza.


You want this bowl, you gotta ask yourself is your code of honor more important than your purpose? Besides, it's not torture we're talking about here. It's sex.