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It's 9AM, Monday morning, and Charlie is freaking out about an upcoming health inspection. In T-minus 15 minutes.

Mac, Dennis, and Dee are running a chicken and airline miles scam, Frank flushed his shoes down the toilet, and Charlie is scrambling to fix all of it. 

Mac tries to get Charlie to be on his side as far as his scam with Dennis and Dee is concerned, but Charlie is too busy fixing all the mistakes his friends have made.

It's actually a chicken, air miles, and steaks scam. 

Mac tries to sweet talk Dennis into being on his side as well. 

Dee helps Charlie test the carbon monoxide alarm downstairs, and he reveals that he lets the gasses build up down their to drive the rodents out before an inspection. 

Dennis scratches Mac.

Frank flushes articles of clothing as a coping method.

Mac, Dennis and Dee realize they accidently ordered 4,000 steaks not 400. 

Charlie tries to calm the gang down and keep preparing for the health inspector. 

Charlie seats the delivery guy out back in the alley as the inspector, Sandy, starts her inspection. 

She first goes into the bathroom, where everything looks okay. She reaches the last stall, the broken one, but Charlie makes it seem like there's some inside by planting shoes/pants and having Mac answer through the vents. 

She goes into the women's bathroom next as Charlie goes out back to isolate the delivery guy and get Dee to paint Frank black. 

Charlie instructs Mac and Dennis on how to get the chickens into the truck full of steaks so that they appear contaminated, and then takes the inspector out back so that she can check on the dumpsters. 

Afterwards, as the delivery guy is trapped in the office (or as Charlie put it, the "VIP lounge"), he lets the inspector walk through the bar and inspect the cleanliness. He pretends like the blender is the cause for a short circuit when the power goes out momentarily. Mac and Dennis make their way in and out of the bar undetected to move the inspector's car (whose keys Charlie already lifted) and deal with the delivery truck.

Charlie takes the inspector downstairs where there's still remnants of carbon monoxide. Sandy, the inspector, presses the disabled alarm and Frank, painted completely black and hiding in the corner, plays a g-sharp note on a flute exactly twice in order to mimic the detector . 

After the get back up stairs, Charlie and the inspector head outside where the inspector congratulates Charlie for managing a relatively clean bar and gives him the highest grade possible. He hugs her out of joy and manages to also slip her keys back in her purse. 

He goes inside to tell the gang the great news, but all they're interested in is if the their air line miles scam worked. They don't give Charlie any credit for all the work that it took to pass just now, or for causing Dee's chair to break and send her sprawling on the floor. 

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 4 Quotes

It’s not hilarious! It’s a stool with a nail sticking out of it.


You’re doing a chicken and airline miles scam!? Today!?