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As Dennis, Dee and Frank relax at the bar, Mac and Charlie burst in singing, and dancing to, "Psycho Killers," by Talking Heads. They announce that their high school friend, dubbed "Psycho Pete" because he allegedly killed his family and ate them, is coming back from the mental hospital he was in. 

Dennis and Dee are definitely not receptive and think that Psycho Pete runs the risk of killing them all. Frank agrees with them and calls people in asylums "mutants." All the while Psycho Pete is standing in the back of the bar, already waiting to greet them. 

Mac and Charlie greet him in great joy, as Dennis, Dee, and Frank trip over their words and make a clumsy exist. However, mere moments after getting reacquainted with their supposed "friend," Psycho Pete, Mac and Charlie realize that he's more like "Boring Pete" nowadays. They immediately start brainstorming ways to restore this new Pete to the one that they thought they knew in high school.

Pete is a bystander to this entire debacle. 

Dennis, Dee, and Frank, scared off the reemergence of Psycho Pete, try to find a way to get him back into the "system." They want him either back in jail or in an asylum. They find their way to his old mental hospital and realize that the state let go off the patients because funding was used to open a facility for the Eagles. Dennis wants his taxes to go to something that'll actually help them get rid of Psycho Pete, but is okay with the money being used to help his team.

They track down Dr. Coleman and attempt to trick him into prescribing them with medication that they can in turn give to Psycho Pete. Dee attempts to use her average acting skills to convince the Doctor that she has schizophrenia, but it predictably fails. 

Frank, having recognized the mental hospital as the same one that he attended as a kid with another frog-kid named "Froggy," remembers the name of his doctor: Dr. Zimmerman. He tracks down Albert Zimmerman in a nursing home and confronts him. Zimmerman reveals to Frank that Froggy was actually Frank - Froggy was imaginary. He then tries to play "Catch Froggy," with a big net like he used to with Frank as a kid. Frank confirms that he remembers all of this now, and then runs from the net. 

Dennis gives Dee the most scathing scolding of all time in front of Dr. Coleman, detailing very graphic acts of violence. Before he can even get to his acting, the Doctor prescribes him the medicine he wants. 

Back at the bar, Mac and Charlie have recruited Cricket to try and absolve Pete of his sins - so that he can go crazy again. 

They go as far as to almost perform an exorcism on Psycho Pete before he reveals that he's not all that psycho. He only got that image due to rumors started by The Gang. He actually only went away for social anxiety disorder and depression. He was hoping The Gang could help him cope with his problems.

They put him on a train to LA. 

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 10 Episode 3 Quotes

If you say another word, I swear to god I will slice you into a million little pieces, and put those pieces in a box, a glass box, that I will display on my mantle.


You haven’t thought of the smell, you BITCH!