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Charlie recounts how he's seemingly had trouble sealing the deal with The Waitress, and the gang decides to help him out by checking out the online dating scene. 

They use the bar to set up "group dates" where Dennis, Mak, and Charlie meet up with three other women, while Frank is on his own to fend for himself. 

Charlie is so lost when it comes to meeting and talking to women that he bows when they first meet the three women. Dennis takes charge of the group and tries to get a plan ready in anticipation of the group date. 

He builds up his back story and explains it to the boys. He basically tries to implement the DENNIS system - demonstrate value, engage physically, etc. He has his typical extremely stalker-ish vibe that overwhelms the meeting. 

Frank wanders around the packed bar with a penis ring on his private part in anticipation of intercourse. 

Dee spends the first half of the episode thinking that she's basically engaged with a man she met online and dated once. When he shows up at their group date event with other people, she is thrown off. She tries to play off a ring that she took out as a penis ring.

Mak and Charlie ditch Dennis and his weird vibes to be coached by Frank. His strategy is to make good small talk and tell a good joke. The new trio brainstorm a variety of ideas - some better than others.

They get farther than ever before when they hang out with Frank instead of Dennis.

Meanwhile, Dennis looses his mind when the women he creeps out rate him a 1 on the online dating site. 

He starts to worry that every woman is rating him, and judging him. 

He even calls the Waitress and tries to apologizes to her before realizing that he doesn't care what anyone thinks. 

The gang tells him that his rating has dropped all the way down to a zero and he loses his mind - destroying his own personal version of rating women: his collection of sex tapes. 

During all this, Dee thinks she's realized the key to power over all men. She starts inviting men over from the online dating site only to sleep with them then rate them a 1. She believes that this will upset and drive them crazy with insecurity like Dennis - she wants to be in control and in charge.

However, it turns out that having sex with men the first time you meet them is a bigger draw than the idea of being rated poorly.

All the men return to her for more casual sex, and she realizes that her plan wasn't that well thought out or effective. The men didn't care what they were being rated as long as they were getting easy sex.

Dennis gives the entire group a wake up call on about how all of them were misleading themselves in believing they were better than they actually were. 



It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
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I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I've kind of had trouble closing it with the waitress.