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A coyote sneaks a small-town girl into Seattle. She's the latest victim. Clive finds her with most of her brains missing, so Liv has very little food to work with for the week.

The girl, Annie, is a hopeless romantic who snuck into Seattle to meet a guy she fell in love with online.

Liv becomes lovestruck with Alan, the guy who Annie came to meet. She tries to comfort him and tell him that love could be right in front of him now.

Major tells Chase that Jordan scratched someone and that there may be video footage of it. Chase orders him to find the footage as soon as possible.

Chase meets with other soldiers to talk about a new group called The Darwin Project who are trying to get zombies to flee and be investigated and studied on. A zombie soldier also informs Chase that there is a brain shortage and they'll be out in 4-6 months. 

Chase tells Blaine that if he finds Renegade, he'll leave him alone. Blaine reaches out to his brain dealer (who stole Annie's brain) and has him connect him to someone who may know her. 

Liv, Peyton, and Ravi head to a club to investigate Alan. Liv and Peyton talk about Ravi. Liv sees Dale kissing another guy. 

Liv gives Dale the cold shoulder and tries to set  Clive up with a new cop on the unit. 

The coyote who brought Annie over is a guy named Bruce who works to set people up to be killed and have their brains taken. Liv finds this out from Renegade who contacts her back and meets up with her. 

Blaine finds the latest zombie who was bragging about knowing Renegade. He turns the guy into a human using the vials he stole from Liv and Ravi. He then eats the guy's brains and waits for a vision about Renegade. 

CLive and Liv figure out where Annie died, in an incinerator they find multiple skulls. 

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