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Ravi and Liv come up with a plan to cure zombies when Liv recovers from seeing her father killed in front of her.

Ravi finds out the CDC changed their plans for using the cure. They come up with a plan to steal the utopium from the CDC to make a mass cure. They go over the plan with the others.

They find brains of criminals that can help them with the heist. Clive is worried about them and afraid they won't make it back alive. Dale notices and sends him to Atlanta with his friends. She knows he's needed.

Clive is the honeypot who distracts Gladys the CDC lady with flirting and dancing. Liv is on thief brain and steals keys so Ravi who is on hacker brain can hack into the computers.

The next day they steal the utopim by holding the doctor at gunpoint. Ravi goes Romero on him. But is talked down.

Back in Seattle, blaine found out Ravi was behind stealing his human cargo. He tails Peyton to find Ravi. She leads him and Don E to the hideout. He kills thr coyote and threatens Peyton at gunpoint. She's surprised she can't talk him down.

The deadenders start an attack. Major and FG try to stop it. They're ambushed by Enzo and Major's soldiers turn on him. They try to Kill him, but he escapes. He's not in good shape when Liv calls him. They had previously shared a kiss when they dug up one of the brains before she left, and now he promised to go on a suicide mission to get the max rager she needs from FG for the cure. He doesn't tell her what happened.

Enzo takes over the live broadcast and has a Romero zombie scratches a deadender and has him attack his friend and eat his brains on TV. Dolly is happy that war is officially declared.

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iZombie Season 5 Episode 12 Quotes

We're zombies. We don't need Ocean's 11 to do this job. We just need the right brains.


I'm tired of watching people I care about get killed!