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Liv, Clive, and Ravi are headed home with the cure. Dale is in labor. A woman on the plane recognizes Liv. She slips her a sleeping pill. The flight attendants recognize Liv as renegade who helped their relatives. They help them leave.

Clive makes it to the birth of his daughter. They name her Olivia.

Liv shows up at the house and it's empty. The kids come in later after Peyton helped them escape. Peyton is shot helping the kids. They think she's dead but they don't know Blaine scratched her to save her.

liv tracks down Blaine's father's mansion and heads to the lab to create the cure.

Major barely escaped FG with the Max rager. He gives it to Ravi. They come up with a plan to let the public know it's available at the news station.

Peyton told Don E about Blaine killing his fiancee. Don E pushes Blaine into the well. Liv shows up then and pushes him in too. Peyton catches up and they reunite.

Major and Enzo standoff at the station. Major pretends to take the cure. Enzo shoots him. But Major isn't dead. Graham shoots Enzo and is shot.

Deadenders and FG have a shootout. Dolly kills her son.

Clive calls Liv to tell her Major is dead. He thought he was from the news. Liv is upset. Michelle comes in looking for Liv. Someone comes in but we don't see. They blow up the lab.

It's a ten year time jump. Clive and Dale are captains at the same department in san Francisco. Clive heads into a virtual interview. He's accompanied by Ravi who works as head of the CDC and Peyton who is still a lawyer. They're interviewed about Seattle and the battle. Everyone thinks Liv and Major are dead. The three confirm they are.

When the interviewer leaves, Major and Liv show up in the virtual world too. They are still zombies even though the cure is cheap and available to all who wanted it but some people still turn to zombies when they have debilitating or life threatening diseases.

Major and Liv live on zombie island taking care of their zombie kids (the orphans).

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iZombie Season 5 Episode 13 Quotes

Don't look at me with that tone of voice.

Don E

Enzo: It seems your friend Major has escaped. Perhaps you would like the chance to beg for your life.
Hobbs: Perhaps you can kiss my --