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Their presumed victim is found. She was high and with her lover.

They realize that the video was a hoax used to stir up tension between the species.

Some FG soldiers are ambushed and Jordan is killed.

The soldiers are not happy with Major's leadership and feel he is too soft.

Liv cooks for Major after he lost some of his soldiers but she ends up eating thr fitness guru brain herself.

Soldiers attack the dead ender bar and kill a person in retaliation for what happened to the soldiers. They investigate that. When Major realizes what happened he knows he has to do something.

Dolly is behind faking the zombies attacking the woman in the car because she sands to motivate people to be anti zombie. She has her henchman deal with the girl who wants recognition for the hoax.

Major comes up with an idea to make it seem like he executed the zombies responsible for shooting the dead ender when instead he fridged them. He made Jo's own fake news and Dolly is annoyed.

Peyton is needs positive PR for Seattle otherwise they're close to being nuked. She takes money to invest in Jimmy and Ravi's skit to break down the misconceptions about zombies.

Barron tries to take the kids over the border but they are attacked by deadenders guarding the border. Barron is killed during a shootout.

Liz scratches the teen and he scratched the two girls.

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iZombie Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

Jimmy: We go all out too, like white wigs, zombie music ...
Clive: So you paint your face and appropriate another culture? [Clinks glass with Ravi]
Sketchbook Jimmy: Hmm never thought about that.

Lisa's Boyfriend: What's going on Lisa?
Clive: My guess is Lisa and Glenn's work retreat took a somewhat romantic and psychedelic turn.
Glenn: I totally get your energy, brother, but could we table this? Because I am totally peaking right now and I'm going south.