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  • Jane and Ben deal with the return of their mother. Jane is willing to give her a chance, while Ben tries to protect them both from being hurt again.
  • Jane gives Jeremy an ultimatum to come clean to Gray or she will. This causes Jeremy to leave with the designs for that evenings reveal. Jane, Eli, and India rush to recreate the pieces from memory. They succeed and the collection is well-received. Jane comes clean to Gray about Jeremy being the mole to her surprise.
  • Billy and Zoe hang out, but he becomes suspicious when Zoe is wearing an expensive bracelet. She forgets her purse in his car and he follows her to the mansion. Since she doesn't have her keys, she breaks in. Billy tries to stop her, because he thinks she is trying rob the place. She tells him the truth that she is rich and lied because she likes him. They kiss.
  • Jane and Ben agree to let their mother stay with them and earn their trust.
Jane By Design
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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 14 Quotes

Jane's mom: Any idea where I might find a spatula?
Ben: Here. We moved the utensils in 2008. You were probably stomping grapes in Tuscany.
Jane: He's, he's not really a morning person.

Jane's mom: Someone moved the mixing bowls.
Ben: Yeah, eight years ago.