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It's Jane's birthday. Ben and Billy pretend to forget her special day and plan a surprise party for her. Jane is upset throughout the day and then heads to work. Gray asks Jane to leave her alone for the day and Eli takes Jane out on the town. When Jane and Eli return to Donovan Decker, there is a surprise party for her. Meanwhile, Ben and Billy are at another surprise party they are throwing for her. Jane enjoys her work party. Jeremy gets drunk and reveals to Jane that he was the mole. Ben shows up at Donovan Decker and apologizes for ruining her birthday. He gives Jane a birthday card from her mother. They go to the surprise party he threw but everyone is gone, except for ... Jane's mother. She showed up.

Jane By Design
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Jane By Design Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

I can't believe this. They fracking forgot my birthday.


Lulu: Hi. Just so you know, whoever you are, this little thing here with Billy, it isn't going to work out. Sorry to disappoint you.
Billy: Lulu, stop.
Lulu: No matter what he says to you, you should know, he's in love with his best friend. And that's never going to change. Good luck.