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After re-writing Rogelio's telenovela, Jane and her father successfully pitch it to the network. 

But problems arise when River Fields, Rogelio's A-list co-star, says she won't sign onto the project if Jane is the writer. 

Rogelio encourages Jane to write a script that will blow River Fields away, but when Jane finds her editor's name on her father's old scripts, she wonders why they've been in contact. 

She gives her editor a call who refuses to say anything because he promised Rogelio he wouldn't. 

Rogelio cracks under the pressure and admits that he promised to pay the publisher back if her book didn't sell 10K copies.

Jane is furious because she feels her identity has been stolen from her and it forces her to question whether or not she's even a talented writer.

Meanwhile, Xiomara invests all of her time and energy into planning the "perfect wedding" for Alba. 

She books the church in three months, but Alba and Jorge find it hard to keep their hands off each other. 

Whenever Alba almost gives into temptation, she sees the flower -- the same flower she gave Jane when she was a litle girl -- which reminds her that pre-marital sex is frowned up by the church. 

Alba and Jorge decide to speed up the wedding, not just because of the sex thing but because they want to spend as much time as they have left together.

Xo is a little heartbroken that her plans are falling through but supports Albas's wishes nonetheless.

Jane invites Rafael to attend the intimate ceremony even though Alba said he didn't have to come so it wasn't awkward for her granddaughter.

Jane admits she invited him because he's "family" and deserves to be there despite their current predicament. 

Before the ceremony, Xo freaks out that the flowers haven't arrived. 

Alba and Jane tell her it isn't a big deal, but for Xo it's major. This was her one chance to do something nice for her mother and thank her for always being supportive. 

At that moment, Jane realized that a parent never stops doing whatever they can for their children and forgives Rogelio in a touching father-daughter moment. 

Later in the evening, she gets inspiration to write a new novel about her relationship with her father. 

She also convinces River Fields that she's talented enough to write the script for their new telenovela. 

Rafael asks Jane if his sister, Luisa, could finally meet Mateo. 

After all, she is responsible for his existence. 

Jane hesitates considering Luisa's instability and constant involvement with Sin Rostro, but when Rafael tells her that he believes Luisa has really changed, she agrees. 

When Luisa arrives, Rafael is thrown off by her insistence to go to the beach. 

On their way, Raf gets a call from Detective Dennis who informs him that Rose wired most of her money into Luisa's account. 

"I think they're still working together," he tells Rafael who doesn't seem pleased with his sister. 

As Raf learns the truth about Rose's plan, Luisa is texting Bobby her "new neighbor" who suggested she meet Raf's kids in the first place and is revealed to be using this time to sneak into Rafael's apartment for an unknown reason. 

After it's revealed that Petra's twins think JR is a "bad guy," Petra encourages JR to spend some time with them. 

During an ice cream outing, the girls act up and JR calls them "brats."

She eventually tells Petra that she never wanted kids. 

Petra turns to Jane for advice, and Jane tells her she has no right being mad if she didn't set any ground rules for JR. 

JR agrees to give the twins another chance and help Petra raise them to be less spoiled. 

During family time, JR gets a call about a job offer out of state. Will she take it?

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 9 Quotes

Your love story may not traverse planets, but it sends our hearts to the moon.


Petra: Why didn't you tell me JR yelled at my girls?
Jane: I didn't think it was my place to get in the middle of someone else's business.
Petra: Since when? That's like your calling card. 1-800-NOSY.
Jane: Excuse me?
Petra: Like, the one time you could've actually been useful, you decide to stop meddling.