On Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 13, Jane worked on some re-writes, while also dealing with some mean moms. Meanwhile, Rafael reconsidered his relationship with Abbey, and Bruce had an important question for Xo.

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When you watch Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 13, you'll see Jane incorporate her relationship with Rafael into the book about her love story with Michael. After firing Mateo's aid for being a gossip, Mateo comes clean saying her never liked her in the first place. Meanwhile, after deciding her didn't want to move in with Abbey, Rafael broke up with her. Unfortunately, Abbey stole an important notebook from Petra's drawer and handed it over to the police. Petra may have ruined her relationship with Chuck by revealing she pushed Scott's bones onto his side of the property line. Rogelio and Xo made up with the help of Bruce. Afterward, Bruce propsed to Xo and she said yes.

Episode Details

On Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 13, Jane's editor urges her to do some re-writes. Meanwhile, Abbey wants to move in with Rafael, and Bruce has a surprise for Xo.

Rating: 2.7 / 5.0 (63 Votes)
Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Petra: Oh and uh by the way, not a big deal, but, um, Chuck and I will be dining at the restaurant tonight.
Rafael: Got it. Does he know we don't serve gator?

Xo: Don't just discount him because he seems like a frat guy.
Jane: I know, you're right.
Narrator: Oh sure, now that a woman said it you hear it. I swear, now I'm seeing her gender bias everywhere.