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Jane meets her new editor, Jeremy, who is a little too bro for Jane's liking. He asks her to do some rewrites, but she can't come up with anything exciting to speed up the middle of the book. Jane comes to realize Jeremy meant for the characters to experience more excitement, not the plot. After much thought and a talk with Alba, Jane decides to use her experience with Rafael to add to the drama of the novel.

Jane wants Mateo's aid to be a woman, and Rafael points out Jane usually sides with females. Jane comes across opposition at Mateo's school when she embarrasses herself in front of the Director of the school. She volunteers for the fundraiser and apologizes to the Director.When Jane discovers Mateo's aid is a gossip and her son doesn't like her, she agrees to go with the male pick. 

Abbey asks to move in with Rafael, but he isn't sure. After thinking about it some more, he ends his relationship with Abbey. However, she doesn't take the breakup well, and steals a notebook Petra hid in her drawer (which she had found stashed away in her air vent that she found Elvis messing with... whom Petra doesn't know was told to go into her suite by Rafael), and decides to turn it over to Dennis, Michael's old colleague. 

Petra is embarrassed to be seen out in public with Chuck, but her guilt over pushing Scott's bones to his side of the property line makes her feel even worse. When she tells Chuck, and doesn't take the news well and storms out.

Rogelio hires a celebrity lawyer to help him with his lawsuit. Bruce helps Xo when she and Rogelio continue to bicker. He helps them make up. Later, Bruce proposes to Xo, after getting interrupted by Rogelio. She says yes.

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

Petra: Oh and uh by the way, not a big deal, but, um, Chuck and I will be dining at the restaurant tonight.
Rafael: Got it. Does he know we don't serve gator?

Xo: Don't just discount him because he seems like a frat guy.
Jane: I know, you're right.
Narrator: Oh sure, now that a woman said it you hear it. I swear, now I'm seeing her gender bias everywhere.