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Ronnie takes it upon himself to creep at the club, then crawl back in bed with Sam, again.

Angelina apologizes to Pauly D, but he and The Situation tell her to make up with the girls.

Somehow, she does, admitting her $h!t talking. They all agree to move on from there.

The gang works at the gelato shop. It's pretty slow, but everything's going alright.

Vinny and Snooki get drunk, fall asleep together and possibly bone. Not clear if it happened.

The Situation, Pauly D and Vinny have an "MVP" night out, but end up with a bunch of grenades.

Hit the deck!

Jersey Shore
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Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

[to camera] Not cool. [to Angelina] C'mon, one more time, smack me. [she does] Get the f*%k away from me!

Pauly D

Ow. It hurts my vagina.