Jersey Shore Review: "Creepin'"

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Jersey Shore got all kinds of creepy last night as Ronnie's drunken, two-faced antics continue and Vinny ends up in bed with Snooki. None of this is gonna end well.

Not the best episode of Jersey Shore by any means. There's only so much drama you can take seriously between Ronnie and Sammi because there is no alternative.

J-Woww needs to step up and slap this guy. Clearly she's itching for a fight, and having temporarily made up with Angelina, she needs a new target. Ron fits the bill.

Hooking up at the club, then crawling into bed with your girl is not cool. No matter how pathetic and annoying Sammi is, Ronnie's just being an a$$ to pull that crap.

Side note: How he doesn't think their REALITY SHOW will out him?

MVP and Ronnie

THE MVP CREW: Plus Ronnie.

Meanwhile, the MVP crew - Mike, Vinny and Pauly - decides to have a guys' night out and ditch Angelina with the girls. They actually bolted with her back turned. Wow.

Vinny ends up plowed and in bed with Snooki, wondering if he did the unthinkable. The guys also bring back a bunch of grenades and play catch with a chicken cutlet.

Other highlights from last night's installment of the MTV show ...

  • The ice cream store. Why do they have to pretend to have jobs for the show? This is baffling. That said, every scene there is funny. Maybe that's the answer.
  • Pauly D accepted Angelina's apology, with one caveat - she stays away from him at all times. This understandably caused confusion as to their status now.
  • Vinny had most of the night's top lines, which you can read below.

Follow the jump for the top Jersey Shore quotes from last night ...

Vinny: Jenni's t!ts defy gravity... Albert Einstein should come back and rewrite his laws of physics and rework them around Jenni's t!ts. | permalink
Angelina: Whatever you think I said ... I probably said it. | permalink
The Situation: At one point I splashed water on my face and I realized ... We got grenades! We are in the midst of grenades. | permalink
Vinny: It just so happens our initials are MVP. Mike, Vinny, Pauly. We are the MVPs of MIA ... supporting the GFF. | permalink
Vinny: Did I bang Snooki last night? Did I DO the unthinkable? | permalink
Snooki: Wanna f*%k?
Vinny: Sure. | permalink
The Situation: I think Sammi has an idea, but she just doesn't want to believe it. It all dates back to when you thought the Tooth Fairy was, you know, alive. | permalink
Pauly D: The truth will come out! It's gonna blow up in his face. He's like IFF! | permalink
Pauly D: Ronnie and Sam, they get in one little fight, and Ron thinks that just because they're in a fight, he's allowed to creep. | permalink
Sammi: We're having another great night out, then the next thing I know, I turn around and Ronnie's $h!tfaced wasted. And I don't appreciate it. | permalink
Snooki: Ow. It hurts my vagina. | permalink
Pauly D: [to camera] Not cool. [to Angelina] C'mon, one more time, smack me. [she does] Get the f*%k away from me! | permalink
Pauly D: I've seen drunk people before, but that was like bipolar or something ... I think that's a problem. | permalink
JWoww: [to Angelina] At the end of the day, that kid's my brother, and if he can't hit you, I will. You're lucky you're so drunk. Wait 'til tomorrow. | permalink
Vinny: I actually like Enzo. The fact that he calls me Vincenzo really makes me feel at home. That's what all the old school Italians in my family call me. | permalink
Vinny: So me and Ronnie go to this new barbershop. It's kind of a hood barbershop. I have thick, Silician hair ... If someone can cut a black person's hair, they can typically cut mine. | permalink
Vinny: As you can see, I got a good fade going ... they know how to do it in the hood. | permalink

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Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

[to camera] Not cool. [to Angelina] C'mon, one more time, smack me. [she does] Get the f*%k away from me!

Pauly D

Ow. It hurts my vagina.