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Angelina, Ronnie and Sammi take Jose out for his birthday.

Angelina takes Jose into the Smush Room but refuses to hook up with him.

Angelina decides to make up a lie that she hooked up with Jose in the Smush Room.

JWOWW's boyfriend Tom comes to visit and finds another guy's number in her phonebook.

The Situation meets a girl at the club, but loses her before taking her home.

Pauly D recruits some girls on the beach to help bury Vinny in the sand.

The Situation sets up a date with the girl he met at the club.

After finding one of Angelina's dirty pads on the bathroom floor, The Situation decides to get revenge by putting it under her pillow.

Angelina is disgusted when she finds the dirty pad in front of her friends.

The Situation goes off on Angelina for being dirty.

Jersey Shore
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Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

I'm done! I'm outta here, I'm done!


Jose is definitely getting played. (pauses) Like a piano.