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During this week's crazy hour in Miami:

  • In the aftermath of Vinny inadvertently causing a fight between Sammi and Jenny, he spends the rest of the episode bickering with the problem: Angelina.
  • After Ronnie defends Sammie in the fight she didn't belong in... they're back together again.  Of course. 
  • Sammi and Angelina seem to continue their weird pact.
  • Snookie brings home a guy, Dennis, from the club and smooshes.  Apparently she likes to ask questions between moans.
  • Jose spends the episode pursuing Angelina, including buying her a watch, only to not smoosh.
  • Everyone somehow winds up at a pool club, Felt.  There's minor kissing and making up.
  • Snookie invites Dennis back over and he brings a man-grenade for Jenny.
  • The rest of the gang goes clubbing at MI-VI and Vinny hooks up with Angelina in an OMG moment.


Jersey Shore
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Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

I'm drinking my horny goat weed. I'm gonna masturbate and I'm going to bed.


How does it feel, Jenni, to have the crap beat out of you by me? I'm basking in it right now.