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This week on Justified, Raylan and Chief Mullen head to Cincinnati to seize the property of – and ultimately indict – Owen Karns who is suspected of stealing a large sum of money ten years ago.  Givens and Mullen are led to Karns by Carl Hanselman, an art dealer who is considering purchasing original works of art by Adolf Hitler from Karns.  While the exchange of money is irrelevant after the Marshals seize Karns’ assets, Hanselman is not interested in the paintings because he suspects that they are forgeries.  

Later that evening, Karns confronts the man who sold him the paintings, David Mortimer, who insists that they are real.  Mortimer offers to buy the paintings back from Karns, but before either party can get any further, the Karns’ horse trainer, Greg Davis, puts a gun up to Owen’s head and pulls the trigger.  Mortimer is stunned, but Owen's wife, Karen, reveals that the entire scheme – the forged paintings, the interactions with Hanselman and Mortimer and Davis shooting Owen – is an elaborate plot to make it appear as if Owen killed himself.  

Karen orchestrated the plan in an effort to prevent the FBI and US Marshals from continuing their investigation into her husband and ultimately taking everything she has because of him.  While Davis is revealed to be a conspirator as well as Karen's love, Mortimer appears to be innocent at first.  However, Mrs. Karns warms Mortimer that he was in on the plan to create the fakes and was paid handsomely, $150K for his work.  Unfortunately for Mortimer, Karen decides he has to be eliminated too and comes up with a plan to have Davis kill him.

The plan likely would have worked, if it were not for Raylan Givens.  The FBI drops their investigation, but Raylan correctly suspects that Owen’s death is not a suicide, but a murder.   While Chief Mullen warns Raylan that the US Marshals Office does not investigate murders, Raylan manages to get 24 hours to look into the murder.

Back at the Karns’ property, Rayland confronts Karen with his suspicions that Owen’s death was not a suicide, but a murder – by her.  She refuses to talk any further after the allegations, so Raylan turns his focus to Davis.  A similar situation ensues where Raylan questions Davis about his involvement and suspects that they have their sights on killing Mortimer as well.  Rattled by Raylan and no longer interested in killing anyone, Davis tips Raylan off to Karen's plan to kill Mortimer and the two are arrested before he is shot.

At the beginning of the episode, Raylan went to meet Boyd Crowder in prison to ask him to find out what his father, Arlo, is up to.  Boyd wants only one thing in return, for Raylan to contemplate his soul.  Before Raylan gets any information from Boyd, he learns Hanselman’s true purpose of collecting the Hitler paintings – to get back at his German-born father by destroying them.  

Raylan returns to the prison to visit Boyd and tells him that he does not want to end up like Hanselman, spending his life getting back at his father.  Boyd loves the introspection Raylan has experienced, but tells Raylan that he may have information to help him put Arlo away for the rest of his life.

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Justified Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Ava: You're tarnished with the dark stain of divorce.
Raylan: My marriage ended a little bit more amicably than yours.
Ava: Funny, why did your marriage end?
Raylan: It seemed like a good idea at the time.

You are a violent man, my friend.

Boyd (to Raylan)