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The fallout from Boyd blowing up the shipment of ephedrine is significant and felt by most of the characters on the show.  First, Johnny Crowder meets up with Boyd shortly after the explosion, but realizes the plan the two had hatched to take over Bo’s business by making the ephedrine disappear was amended by Boyd.  Frustrated by Boyd’s disinterest in getting into the drug business and now scared of Bo’s revenge, Johnny tells Boyd he’ll kill him if he ever sees him again.

Up in Lexington, the US Marshal’s office has received word of the explosion and immediately suspects that the Crowder’s were involved.  They suspect Bo and his gang because of the product, ephedrine, and Boyd for blowing it up because of the method used to destroy the truck.  What Chief Mullen and Raylan cannot figure out is why Boyd would blow up his father’s shipment.

Living up to his threat the previous week, Bo visits Boyd at his encampment in the woods the next day.  Boyd does not deny his involvement in destroying the truck and Bo tells Boyd that if he does not leave the camp, he’ll kill one of his religious followers.  After Johnny knocks him around a bit, Boyd agrees to leave only to hear gun shots ring out when he’s a ways from his camp.  Boyd returns to find his followers shot and killed and strung up in the trees.

Meanwhile the US Marshal’s have a plan for Arlo in his next meeting with Bo and inform the elder Givens that the DEA and the FBI will now be involved because of the truck explosion.  While waiting for A US A Vazquez to discuss the new arrangement with Arlo, Raylan sticks his father in his hotel room.  However, Bo’s people have been tailing Arlo and when Raylan leaves, Bo goes to visit Arlo.  He tells him that the only way Arlo can become square with Bo is to help Bo provide Raylan, alive, to the Miami cartel.

Raylan returns to his hotel room and immediately suspects Arlo is up to something.  Before Arlo is able to pull a gun on Raylan, the US Marshal pulls one on his father and gets him to spill the beans on the plan.  Raylan reenacts the plan, but shoots his father instead of vice versa.  When the thugs hanging around the hotel come through the door, Raylan shoots them after they refuse to put their gun down.

Shortly after Raylan kills the two gunmen, Boyd shows up at Raylan’s hotel professing to be confused about where he’s going in life and tells Raylan the story of what his father did.  Before the pair talks any further, Bo calls Raylan from Ava’s phone and informs him that he’s kidnapped Ava and wants to make a straight exchange, her for him, in Bulletville.  Boyd knows where Raylan is going and offers to help out.  

Raylan approaches the cabin where Bo is keeping Ava hostage, while Boyd sneaks around back.  Raylan meets Bo in the driveway and is disarmed by his associate, but when Boyd shoots the man watching Ava, Raylan takes advantage of the distraction killing the man guarding him with the gun he took and then turning it on Bo.  Before Boyd or Raylan are able to shoot Bo, he is hit by sniper fire from an unknown shooter and killed.  Boyd is also struck and he and Raylan run into the house for cover.

The unknown shooters turn out to be the Miami cartel which has followed Bo and Raylan to the cabin.  The cartel is willing to let Boyd and Ava walk away if Raylan turns himself in.  Boyd agrees to help Ava escape while Raylan walks out of the house, unarmed.  The cartel people do not hold their word about remaining unarmed, but before they can shoot Raylan, the gunman is shot and killed by Boyd.

The last remaining cartel member escapes Raylan’s fire and speeds off in their car.  Raylan wants to go follow her, but Boyd points his gun at Raylan and tells him he’ll go after the cartel for shooting his father.

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