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After last week’s episode ends with Arlo pleading with his son for help with Bo Crowder, we waste no time getting to the nuts and bolts of the US Marshals plan for Raylan’s father.  Chief Mullen and Raylan suggest that the only way they can help Arlo is if he obtains information for them that will help lead to Bo or Boyd’s arrest.  

Despite being hesitant to the idea of snitching on the Crowder’s, Arlo agrees and meets with Assistant US Attorney David Vazquez.  Arlo demands $100,000 and immunity for doing the snitching work, but Vazquez will only give him $20,000.  Having no choice, Arlo relents and agrees to Vazquez’s deal, but Raylan adds the caveat that Arlo has to wear a wire.  The elder Givens refuses and storms out of the Marshals office.  

Furious once again with Raylan for letting his emotions impact a situation, Chief Mullen demands that Raylan convince his father to work for the US Marshals.  Before Raylan has a chance to talk with his father again, he learns that Arlo is at the VA bar with a man threatening to kill himself with a grenade.  After making up a story to convince the young veteran not to kill himself, Arlo confesses to Raylan that he’s not as scared about dying anymore and will wear the wire.

Arlo’s intentions with the wire are not pure, however, and he uses the wire to his advantage to dupe the US Marshals.  While talking to Bo about the plan the Marshals have come up with for him to gain information on the Crowders, Arlo writes down that he’ll work for Bo covertly and feed false information to the feds instead.  

Last week, Raylan dropped Ava off at his ex-wife’s house to stay out of trouble after being threatened by the Crowders.  Ava, however, is not interested in waiting around for Raylan to return and lies to him that she’s decided to take his advice and stay out of Harlan.  Instead, Ava returns to her home in Harlan only to find Bo’s thugs in the house claiming that it was still property of the Crowders.  

Determined not to be intimidated by the Crowder’s, Ava goes to visit Raylan’s step mother, Helen, about obtaining a gun to threaten the Crowder’s with.  Helen provides her with  a sawed-off shotgun and Ava immediately heads to Johnny Crowder’s bar to confront Bo.  She informs Bo that, even though he wants her to leave Harlan, she will not be leaving and is happy to kill another Crowder if she needs to prove her point.

Meanwhile, Bo Crowder makes a trip down to Miami to discuss a shipment of ephedrine that Bo will use to make into methamphetamine.  Bo happens to be speaking with someone in the same cartel that is trying to get rid of Raylan Givens and the pair commiserates over their hatred for a common enemy.  Before Bo leaves, however, the cartel man questions whether Bo is prepared to do business with the cartel and Bo bristles at the suggestion that he is not fully aware of what he is getting himself in to.

However, perhaps Bo should have been more mindful of the cartel man’s warning.  Bo attends a mass with Boyd and afterward the two discuss Bo’s drug dealings.  Boyd threatens Bo that if he insists on trying to cook methamphetamine in Harlan, he will destroy everything Bo has.  Bo doesn’t really believe Boyd, but returns fire with a threat of his own should Boyd try anything.  At the end of the episode, however, the truck shipment of ephedrine that Bo has purchased from the cartel is blown up by Boyd’s recently purchased rocket launcher.

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I can swallow that a****** with a short glass of water.