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After the events of the season one finale (Raylan, Boyd and Ava shooting their way out of a cabin, Bo dying, etc.) the female gunman gets away but Raylan finds her and takes the girl and a plane to Miami.

He tries to settle the problem with the Miami gang but it takes his former boss to get Senor Reyes off Raylan's back.  Raylan heads back to Kentucky. Upon his return, Art questions whether everything that went down in Bulletville was necessary, and plenty of other officials come around to interrogate Raylan once again. 

Raylan and Deputy Brooks go out to Harlan to check on a sex offender, Jimmy Earl Dean, who is creeping on a 14 year old girl, Loretta.  Loretta escapes Jimmy's advances upon first attempt.  The Marshalls pay visits to both Mags and Dickie Bennett hoping to find out where Jimmy is.

The Harlan cops find out where Jimmy is and Raylan and Rachel make their way to him at a gas station.  Raylan convinces him to put his weapon down and gets Loretta safely out of Jimmy's trunk.

Mags and Dickie go to Loretta's father Walt with a pleasant jar of Mags's hard apple cider.  The problem for Walt is that his glass is filled with poison.  As he slowly dies, Mags lets him know that she will gladly raise his daughter Loretta as her own.

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Justified Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Don't get me wrong, I have no moral objection to you killing her. You understand miss, the life you've led.


Boyd: I wouldn't call it an execution. More like retribution, she killed my daddy.
Raylan: That's what you wanted to do.