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An old fugitive of Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens, Roland Pike, is discovered in Los Angeles after ripping out the gold fillings of an un-medicated patient…in the parking lot.

Operating under the alias Dr. Peter Oldman, Roland Pike has been on the lamb from the US Marshals, the FBI and the mob for over five years and has been working as a low-income dentist in the Los Angeles area.  When Raylan hears about Roland’s latest arrest, he’s sent to LA to bring the fugitive into protective custody.  There’s one major catch, however – Roland’s wanted by the mob as well.

Prior to being a dentist, Roland worked as an accountant for the mob, but got sick of the lifestyle and tried to get out while taking his fair share of the money on his way out.  The mob was not too keen with his actions and have been trying to kill him ever since.  US law enforcement wants to bring Roland in to testify against the mob.  The other rub?  Roland would be rolling on the mob boss for Thomas Buckley, the fugitive Raylan shot back in Miami.

When Raylan arrives in Los Angeles with his partner for the trip, Deputy US Marshall Rachel Brooks, he begins the process of tracking down Roland starting with the scene of the crime.  The problem for both Rayland and Roland is that the mob saw the news about Roland and is doing their due diligence too.  The two mobsters on the scenes have instructions to follow Raylan until he leads them to Roland and then kill them both.

Although Roland is able to rope his office assistant/girlfriend, Mindy, into helping him obtain money, get a different car and find someone to take him across the border to Mexico, with each seemingly step closer that Roland takes to Mexico, he gives Raylan a clue that gets him closer to finding him.  

Raylan gets pretty close to Roland when he discovers his abandoned car near the side of the road close to the Mexican border, but before he can chase Roland, he has to deal with the two mobsters who showed up right behind him.  After warning them not to take a step forward or he’d shoot, the mobsters do not listen and Raylan shoots both of them before they’re able to react.

Hot on Roland’s trail, he finally catches up to him and Mindy near the Mexican border.  However, the mob isn’t finished with Roland yet – they’ve hired a sniper at the Mexican border to shoot Roland when he’s in range.  Though pinned down, both Roland and Raylan seem out of the snipers range and can wait patiently for back up to arrive.  But, Roland has other ideas.  He’s tired of living on the run and stands up allowing the sniper to kill him.

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Justified Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

US Marshal: How's Winona?
Raylan: Oh, she's still happily married to someone else, thanks for asking.

Are you afraid she's going to cramp your style, cock block you from banging a starlet?