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After the attempt on Raylan and Winona's lives, Art sends Rachel to protect Winona and Tim to protect Raylan.  Tim has the more difficult job, as Raylan escapes from him on multiple occasion to try and figure out who made the hit.  He finally realizes that it was Gary along with Wynn Duffy.  Raylan and Gary head to Duffy's trailer to work it all out, and Raylan ends up convincing Gary to just leave town so that nobody gets hurt.

Boyd hijacks Dickie's big weed deal, so Dickie wants to fire back.  The problem is that his henchmen don't want to get in a war, so Dickie kills two out of his three workers.  While Boyd, Devil, Johnny, and Arlo are hiding out counting their money, Dickie pays a visit to Aunt Helen and ends up shooting her with a shot gun.

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Justified Season 2 Episode 11 Quotes

Ava: You gotta promise me one thing, no whores.
Boyd: Oh Ava I haven't been to a whore since I was 14 years old.

You can either accept protection or quit the Marshal Service. I'm not gonna tell you which I'd rather.