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Raylan and Tim go to a former ex-wife of Drew Thompson to inquire about him. She doesn't know where he is, but tries to escape anyway.  An FBI agent comes calling, but he is in fact in on keeping the Marshals away from Thompson.  Once Raylan figures that out, the FBI agent gives up the ex-wife's location before killing himself.  Raylan finds out Drew Thompson is hiding because he witnessed mob man Theo Tonin murder a government informant.


Raylan also pays a visit to Randall, to tell him to get out of town.  When Raylan goes to meet back up with him, the fighter has cleaned out his locker at the gym.  When he gets home that night, Lindsay was nowhere to be found.


Boyd sends his goons to the church, but Jimmy is bitten in the face by one of Billy's snakes.  Boyd goes back with a snake of his own, daring Billy to hold it.  He does, and the snake bites him.  


Johnny goes behind Boyd's back to partner with Wynn Duffy.

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Justified Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Cassie: I'm not afraid of you.
Boyd: Well in that case ma'am, I think we've misjudged each other.

It's good to know we both speak the same tongues.