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Raylan gets called to jail to see an old friend and it is Loretta.  She explains that she’s in trouble and her friend is missing.  When Raylan finds her friend Derrick, he’s digging a hole in the middle of nowhere with people from Hot Rod’s weed crew.  Raylan takes them all out and gets out of there safely.  He also meets Loretta’s social worker Allison when seeing her in jail, and decides to ask her out.
Mara tells a cop that Boyd was in fact at her house when her husband was hurt.  When the cop goes to Boyd’s she changes her mind and says it wasn’t him.  
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Justified Season 5 Episode 2 Quotes

We don't sell donuts so why don't you take your fat asses out of here?


Dark hair, he wears it up all crazy. Smile that nearly blinds you. You know, Boyd Crowder.