Justified Review: Before You Clear Your Weapon

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On Justified Season 5 Episode 2, everyone was brough back to Kentucky, and "The Kids Aren't All Right" felt more familiar because of it.

Art, Rachel and Tim were helping Raylan out on a case, Raylan eventually went rogue and got himself into a couple of jams and our favorite cowboy used his skill and wit to make sure everyone was safe for in the near future.

Loretta and Raylan

It wouldn't feel like Justified without a gaggle of great guest stars, and that's exactly what "The Kids Aren't All Right" delivered.

Whether it was the Harris brothers going all Seal Team Six, Xander Berkeley's quick appearance as the owner of Raylan's new living space or Amy Smart coming in as the delightfully charming social worker, Allison, the guests continued to entertain throughout the hour.

Watching Wood (The Wire) and Steve Harris (FNL, Awake) on screen together was awesome, but seeing them play brothers was even better. Their characters don't seem all that formidable, as was proven when Raylan foiled their plan late in the episode, but Wood's was responsible for maybe the funniest line of the night.

Wood: He screwed your daughter?
Raylan: My daughter's in diapers.
Wood: Damn. That must be awfully upsetting then, huh?

In the end, they were done in by a shovel and Raylan's relationship with the recently reappearing Loretta, but hopefully they'll be back for more because the Harris brothers are fun to watch.

I wouldn't rule out Berkeley coming back into play seeing as he was hardly used here, but for the time being his character's misfortunes allowed Raylan to drive a nice new Mercedes with a sweet sound system and live in an incredible house.

All of these nice and shiny new things that have stumbled into Raylan's lap could be used to entice a nice female friend to spend time with our favorite cowboy. Well, what do you know? Smart's Allison was there to catch his eye after showing up to see Loretta in jail.

I loved the chemistry between them early on, and I loved that he asked her to bowl a few frames with him in Xander Berkeley's mansion. Let's face it, with next year being Justified's last, Allison could be Raylan's last chance to settle down while he's still gracing our TV screens. Let's get these two together!

By the end of the night, we got some more classic Givens when he told those pot dealers what was what...

Raylan: I'll kill four of you before you even clear your weapons, and I'll take my chances with the other two. And you see this star? That's gonna make it legal.

While all of that was going on, Boyd had his hands full dealing with trophy wife Mara, figuring out how to get Ava out of prison and the fact that Wynn Duffy has no idea how to calm a group of angry dealers down.

Thankfully for Mr. Crowder, Mara decided to lie to the cops about who was in her house the night her husband took a beating, and Ava hasn't gone completely crazy inside. And thankfully for Duffy, Boyd returned just in time to settle the troops and let them know that the next shipment was on its way from the Canadians.

Justified Season 5 Episode 2 was filled with twists, turns, excitement, romance and Darryl Crowe making it to Kentucky. What were your favorite moments from the hour? Was it as entertaining as the season premiere?

And what should Raylan's next move be with Allison?

The Kids Aren't All Right Review

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