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After taking off on his own, Dewey decides to sell the drugs to Boyd for the $250,000 that he believes he's owed. Boyd is furious that Darryl couldn't control his kin and refuses to pay. Darryl decides to trick Dewey with fake money, but Raylan finds out. He uses Dewey's girls to track him down by phone. Raylan reveals Darryl's plan and tells Dewey he only has one friend.

Dewey doesn't take that as Raylan intends and heads to prison to see Dickie Bennett. While Raylan has roadblocks set up to find Dewey, the Crowe walks right into a prison to see his friend. Dickie provides the name of a dealer that Dewey can sell the drugs to back home.

Dickie contacts Raylan to rat out his friend for better conditions. Raylan doesn't take his offer because he knows that Dewey's headed home. Instead of paying Dewie for the drugs, the dealer contacts Darryl. Danny shows up to get the drugs back and Dewey goes on the run.

Danny gets back home and is mourning the death of his dog. Raylan shows up and offers to arrest him and him alone. Instead, Danny attacks Raylan with a knife. Before Raylan get get shot off, Danny falls into the hole for his dog's grave and landed with the knife through his chin. Raylan gets the drugs.

Darryl's upset over Danny's death. Wendy believes they need to leave, but Darryl doesn't. He's upset that she's not crying. They get into a fight and Darryl leaves her wounded on the ground. He goes to Kendal and bonds them by blood.

While Darryl is dealing with the drug problem, Kendal takes off because he fears Danny's reaction to his dog's death. Kendal shows up at Allison's house and eats her food. Allison finds him there and calls Wendy to get him. Raylan fears the Crowes will take action against her to punish him for Danny's death. He asks Art to protect her. Art decides to clean up Raylan's mess himself.

In prison, Ava breaks up with Boyd because she needs to kill Judith. When the time comes to kill her, Ava decides not to do it. She doesn't like the changing game. Judith doesn't care and attacks Ava. They fight and Ava ends up stabbing Judith and leaving her.

Boyd tries to get the prison guard to recant his claim Ava attacked him, but ends up giving up on that. The guard says he did it because he was in love with Ava. So, she's stuck in prison and just killed someone.

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Justified Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

Daryl, we got a serious situation here.


Boyd, I'm saying goodbye.