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Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 12 Episode 19 finds a serious bout of sleep paralysis taking a heavy toll on Kendall's work and travel life.

A bored Scott decides to take Kris up on her offer to spend time with her friends, including famous faces like Faye Resnick, Kyle Richards and Heather McDonald. Scott and his new BFFs go to tea and do water aerobics, but it does not take long for him to learn he doesn't fit in with a group of 60 year old women talking about their children and the gynecologist.

He is also embarrassed when Kourtney and Kim make fun of him for not having his own plans, and begins to blow off Kris, which upsets her. Khloe makes Scott feel better about his trip to "cougar town" and Scott plans to find a happy medium with his new gal pals.

Meanwhile, Kim and Kendall both deal with anxiety. Kendall has sleep paralysis, which is when you wake up and are temporarily unable to move your body, and it acts up when she travels. This is a big problem for a model who travels and works in New York, Paris, London and Milan every month.

Kim is also having trouble sleeping and driving because she is so anxious, so the sisters go to see a therapist to learn to cope. Kendall does not feel comfortable inducing anxiety with the therapist, but Kim hits the road to do just that. As a result, Kim is able to help Kendall learn about meditating and overcoming her anxiety. 

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