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On Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 7, the launch of KKW Beauty is finally here (on the show) and Kim is stressing about the launch and everything being perfect because, to her, this launch is everything she's been working for over the last ten years.

However, when photos to promote the line are launched, people accuse her of attempting to do blackface because of her tan and the lighting of the photoshoot, so the launch doesn't quite begin exactly how she wanted.

Luckily, with an apology and removal of the photos, Kim is left to plan her launch party at her house and she goes all out creating the perfect Instagram-able look in every room in her home.

Meanwhile, Khloe and Tristan are moving to Los Angeles for the summer, so Khloe is stressing trying to find a house for her and her beau, and she asks her mother for help, but Kris can't help because she's helping plan the surprise party for Khloe's birthday.

After the party, Scott confronts Kourtney about not being invited and the two have a discussion about the state of their relationship, or lack thereof. How long will Kourtney continue to let Scott be apart of her family?

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