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Villanelle has a fun multi-locational kill.

Eve and Jess are waiting for The Ghost to say something, anything, but she won't.

The Ghost finally asks Eve the question we've all been wanting to ask: Does she want to do it herself?

Eve says she doesn't have the stomach for it, but asks about Villanelle. The Ghost says Villanelle is the demon with no face.

Meanwhile, she's antagonizing a man posing as a statue. Konstantin asks about her kill. Based on his tags, she would have killed him for free.

Jess suggests Villanelle is freelance. Eve decides going freelance must be boring V to death. Eve decides that to get Villanelle on their side, they need to put a hit out on Eve.

Jess wonders why Eve isn't doing paperwork. Why is there no paper trail on Eve?

Villanelle gets her next job.

Eve is pissed about the photo Hugo chose for her hit.

Villanelle refuses to kill Eve.

Some dude gives a presentation on psychopaths. But even the psychopath expert can't figure out psychopaths. It's annoying to both Eve and Jess.

Villanelle lures a fellow to her room so he will rub her head and make her feel better. She's grieving.

V wonders if Tony has someone. No, so is he lonely? Not really. It's hard to find the right person.

Niko is getting sent to Oxford to monitor a spelling bee. How handy!

Martin the psychopath expert reports back to Carolyn that Eve was the only one who didn't look away from the gory photo and the only one who couldn't look at Villanelle when he was calling psychopaths liars and commenting on their ability to form interpersonal relationships.

Martin's professional recommendation is that Eve is too unstable. In response, Carolyn comments on the instability of library shelves. She always imagines getting crushed under the weight of them, dying like the witch in the Wizard of Oz with just two little shoes poking out.

Eve gets a gift from Villanelle and is ridiculously turned on to the point she pulls Niko away from his dinner to fuck.

Konstantin is getting Villanelle new weapons while Carolyn doubles down on Eve's participation. Off the record, Carolyn supports her.

Eve tells Hugo that it needs to feel intimate, and he's as turned on as Eve after the flowers.

Kenny is freaking out. As a result of caring for Eve, he gets sacked.

Eve looks like a snowman when wearing the bulletproof vest. I'm not sure what good a vest will do if she gets her neck snapped.

Someone almost pushes her onto the train tracks.

It angers her to the point she follows him and stands just behind him waiting to push.

No matter how she tries, Eve cannot make the vest look sexy. Before answering the door, she takes it off.

Villanelle is at the door sporting the most dramatic outfit. When Eve asks her to take off her shoes, V is surprised.

Villanelle came bearing champagne. She douses Eve's phone in Champagne.

Villanelle says she should be the scared one. Eve could have killed her. Yes, and they both think about it all the time.

Eve knows Villanelle would never hurt her, so she takes the pills Villanelle sets before her. Eve takes them. Villanelle freaks out.

She was playing. She's hired.

Carolyn and Konstantin sit in a car watching it all unfold.

The Ghost gets taken to a railcar in the middle of the woods. Finally, she's showing some emotion.

Eve gives The Ghost a little heads up and asks her one more time for answers. Villanelle asks Eve if she'd like to watch.

Eve finally breathes.

Villanelle's dress is so great.

Aaron Peel is the man who ordered the hits. He wants to sell a weapon. Villanelle wants more in the way of thanks. Neither of them is getting what they want out of the relationship.

Eve returns to The Ghost. She calls Eve a monster.

Villanelle is in Oxford with Niko. She tells him everything, including about her assault by Eve. He doesn't have to worry anymore. They're colleagues.

Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Jess: OW!
Eve: What happened?
Jess: My tooth. Did you know that babies literally steal the calcium from your teeth? Little bastard is eating me alive.

Eve: I wish she were a bit more...
Jess: Forthcoming?
Eve: Fun. She kills people for a living. Come one! Give us the goods.
Jess: Not everyone can be as exciting as you know who. I think you've been spoiled, Eve.