Carolyn: One of the great unspoken truths of life, Eve, is that people behave exactly as you expect them to. Take you, for example: you are about to embark on some mad endgame, when in fact, you know deep down, you’re just a woman who likes an inappropriately-timed croissant on a hungover Sunday morning.

Villanelle: I did it, Eve.
Eve: Don’t you mean we did it?
Villanelle: Yeah, but mostly me.

Carolyn: Finally, the head honchos of the Twelve in one room. You can have this one, Eve, with my blessing.
Eve: It’s always been mine.

Eve: One time me and Bill were in there and saw a man vomit into his pint glass and drink it.
Villanelle: Bill?
Eve: You murdered him? On a dance floor, in Berlin?
Villanelle: Of course! I remember Bill.
Eve: So do I.

I swear to God you women will be the death of me.


Do you know I used to be married? I used to play bridge. I used to sing karaoke…I just watched a woman bleed to death and killed a man….I wanted to kill him, so I did. I wanted Villanelle gone, and now she’s gone. And unbelievably, I survived.

Gunn: If you threaten my way of life, Villanelle, I will rip you apart, slowly. Your choice.
Villanelle: If you can catch me.

Pam: What's wrong with you?
Konstantin: I'm fine.
Pam: You don't look fine – you look like an angry Santa Claus.

Eve. I thought I lost you there for a minute.
Villanelle: And?
Eve: I didn’t like it.

Carolyn: You’re not going to shoot me in the back, are you?
Helene: Oh, that wouldn’t be very polite.

Eve: Have you lost your mind?
Konstantin: She's good with anatomy
Eve: Of corpses!

Well done. You’ve killed one. And they’ll just replace him…again and again. Over, and over, and over.


Killing Eve Quotes

Does anyone in the department speak heroin Polish? No, I'm serious.


OK. Thanks for giving us your Saturday. It turns out people are still murderous bastards on a Sunday.