Eve: What happened to your room?
Carolyn: What do you mean?

Konstantin: Villanelle. Don't break my heart.
Villanelle: Don't break mine. [looks at Eve] You either. [to Konstantin] Who's your favorite?
Konstantin: What:
Villanelle: Me or her [Irina]? It's me, huh, a little bit?

God, it's amazing how efficient things are when you're a dick to people?

Can we at least knock once in case she's naked or something?


Konstantin: I need to find my daughter. She's going to drive that woman crazy.
Kenny: Is she really annoying?
Konstantin: She's so annoying. She's amazing, but so annoying.

Irina: I have decided you are a good person.
Villanelle: Oh really? Why is that?
Irina: Because you are sad, and sad people are usually good because they feel things more.
Villanelle: Oh God. You are one of those profound kids. I am not sad. I have a happy face.

Wait. Are you frightened of your own mother?
Kenny. OF COURSE! Isn't everyone?

Kenny: We need to ask why she wanted us back in London. We need to respect...
Eve: No! We need to ask her what the HELL she was getting out of my girlfriend.

Villanelle: Stick out your thumb. Look vulnerable.
Irina: I AM vulnerable.

Villanelle: Shut up or I'll blow your tiny head to pieces!
Irina: My dad is going to kill you in the face!
Villanelle: No, I am going to kill your dad in the face.
Irina: No, why?
Villanelle: Because you're dad is an arsehole.
Irina: You can't say shit about my dad!
Villanelle: I can!
Irina: You can't!

Carolyn: Do you want a cheese puff?
Kenny: Did you bring them with you?
Carolyn: Always.
Kenny: Are they the normal flavor?
Carolyn: Well, there's only one cheese puff flavor.
Kenny. Oh. OK. No thanks.

Come with me, just you and me. Please. Just you and me.

Killing Eve Quotes

Frank: You're fired.
Eve: You're a dick swab.
Bill: Oh hey!
Frank: Thank you, Bill.
Bill: No! I was gonna call you a dick swab!

Does anyone in the department speak heroin Polish? No, I'm serious.