Villanelle: I think my monster encourages your monster, right?
Eve: I think I wanted it to.

Konstantin: Are you coming?
Villanelle: No.
Konstantin: Why not?
Villanelle: You're not family.

I was trained to look devastating, obviously.


Did I ruin your life?


Villanelle: Imagine if I refused. What do you think I would've become? Interior designer, maybe?
Eve: If you had, it would've saved me a lot of heartache.

Konstantin: I love you.
Carolyn: You never loved me, not even close. Get on your knees.

Villanelle: Do you want to be like that?
Eve: Not anymore.
Villanelle: Why not?
Eve: We'd never make it that long. We'd consume each other before we got old.
Villanelle: That sounds kind of nice.

Eve: Are you leading or am I?
Villanelle: I have no idea.

Villanelle: Isn't that romantic?
Eve: You know who the only people who would think that are?
Villanelle: Who?
Eve: Us.

Eve: When I try to think of my future I just see your face over and over again.
Villanelle: It's a very beautiful face.

Eve, I won’t have my investigation derailed by an undiagnosed, and frankly, a little trying, Messiah complex.


Thank you for the inappropriate touching. It was actually pretty nice.


Killing Eve Quotes

Most of the time, most days, I feel nothing. I don't feel anything. It is so boring. I wake up and I think, again, really? I have to do this again? And what I really don't understand is how come everyone else isn't screaming with, with boredom, too, and I try to find ways to make myself feel something. More, and more, and more, but it doesn't make any difference. No matter what I do, I don't feel anything. I hurt myself; it doesn't hurt. I buy what I want; I don't want it. I do what I like; I don't like it. I'm just so bored.


Piss off forever.