The scene is set in Russia, and a person riding around on a motorcycle.

They stop in front of an office (presumably Konstantin's) and beat up a security guard. They reveal their gun and force their way into the building without shooting anyone.

They arrive inside to confront Konstantin and reveal themselves to be Eve.

Eve is trying to find Helene (a member of the Twelve).

She shoots Konstantin in the hand and demands he tells her where to find Helene. He doesn't know where Helene is, but gives her the name of the recruit Villanalle killed.

We cut to a woman singing a hymn in church, which is revealed to be Villanelle. She seems to be a major part of the parish.

Eve is revealed to have a hunky man in her life (even if he is just a coworker).

Eve received an invitation from Villanelle, to her Baptism.

Carolyn seems bored out of her mind with her current life.

Eve's hunky man helped her follow up on the Helene lead, and gives her the name of the funeral home the girl's body was taken to (the girl Villanelle killed).

Carolyn gets a guest who tells her about a man who was flayed alive.

Hugo barges in, commenting about how he got promoted and how she needs to watch her step.

Carolyn and Hugo are at odds, both making threats to each other. The mysterious man in her office is revealed to be Czech intelligence.

Villanelle is living her life by the bible, only eating fish and loaves for dinners. The people she's staying with have a cat named Lucifer.

The next day, Villanelle is preparing for her new life, and prays to God asking him to let her have a new life.

The cat comes in and bites Villanelle, which forces her to jerk away, launching the cat into the bathtub and killing it.

Carolyn shows up with Eve's hunky man at the end of Eve's run.

Carolyn reveals that all of the people who have been killed (like the flayed man) were members of the Twelve. Eve doesn't want anything to do with Carolyn, but Carolyn expected that.

Villanelle and the Vicar are rehearsing the general baptism.

The cat was found by the other woman in the parish.

The Vicar questions her and she lies. The Vicar is unsure if he should baptize her.

Eve goes to check out the funeral home that Rianne, the assassin recruit Villanelle killed, was sent to.

The mortician proves to be a weird woman who speaks very little.

The mortician says that she has nothing, which prompts Eve to ask her if she knows Helene. After a pause, the girl shakes her head.

On the day of Villanelle's baptism, she searches for Eve and does not find her. She's sad that Eve isn't there.

She loses control and has a small outburst during the ceremony.

Eve and her hunky man continue their investigation, and she goes down to the hotel lobby to get a snack.

While she's in the lobby, Villanelle arrives. Villanelle tells Eve she forgives her for not attending her baptism. She tries to convince Eve she's changed, which prompts Eve to tell her that if she'd really changed, she wouldn't have shown up.

Villanelle retorts that if Eve had really changed, she wouldn't have let her come find her. Eve slaps Villanelle.

Eve decides to follow the mortician. When she rounds a corner, the mortician reappears and attacks Eve. Eve witnesses the girl get into a car with someone that could be Helene.

Villanelle starts questioning God and wants him to show her that he's real.

Villanelle starts to kill the girl who has been her friend this whole time but eventually regrets it. She saves the girl's life just in time. The fact that she didn't kill her may be enough to help her believe God is real.

A man appears to Carolyn who looks like he may arrest her.

God appears to Villanelle (and resembles Villanelle dressed in religious garb) and tells her that She will lead her to salvation.


Killing Eve
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Killing Eve Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Eve: You’re still playing the same old game of chess.
Carolyn: So what game are you playing?
Eve: See this is what I’m talking about. I want to sweep the chessboard off the table and set it on fire. I want to watch those little wooden critters burn.

Konstantin: You shot me in my hand!
Eve: Oh, get over it.