Amanda at church - Kin Season 1 Episode 8
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Amanda pulls into a parking lot, where the van full of drugs is kept. She removes a large parcel of it and leaves.

Amanda shows up at Kem's place. He shuts the door in her face. Amanda tells him she's not going anywhere until he listens to her. Kem takes some convincing but eventually lets her in. 

Amanda and Michael build a woodfire on the patio. Amanda calls Con Doyle and asks to speak to Eamon. She says she will burn a few blocks of the drugs every twelve hours until Eamon agrees to meet with her.

Eamon calls Amanda, but she insists they meet in person. Eamon suggests the hotel, but Amanda tells him it should be somewhere she feels safe. He tells her he will pick a place that will ensure the safety of both of them. 

Eric gets taken to prison. The guard informs him that he will be staying in the protection unit for his own well-being. Eric insists he'll be going in with his uncle Bren. The guard tells him that Bren doesn't want to be with Eric inside. 

Jimmy and Frank return on motorcycle to find Michael, Birdy, Amanda, and Anthony. Jimmy greets his son warmly, and then Amanda sends Anthony up to his room. 

Amanda informs Frank and Jimmy that Anthony and Anna have both been threatened. She explains that they will meet with Eamon to figure out a deal. If he doesn't agree to one, Michael will kill him. Frank lashes out at Amanda and questions the sanity of this kind of plan. He furiously storms off.

Birdy goes after Frank. Franks says Amanda is trying to take over. Birdy says it's merely retaliation for the threats on Anna and Anthony. 

Amanda explains to Jimmy how Eamon had threatened her about Anthony. Jimmy is angry she didn't tell him sooner. Amanda tells him she wanted to find out who was the rat, and how she found out it was Kem. She says that Con told her he'd burn Anthony alive. Jimmy accepts her story.

Birdy asks Frank how it went with Bren. Frank says that Bren is still horrible. BIrdy attempts to comfort Frank.

The guards take Eric to his cell, informing him that he gets one hour of exercise per day, but he cannot participate in any group activities while he continues to be under threat.

Jimmy asks Michael when Amanda told him about Eamon and Kem. Michael tells him it was after the assassination attempt on him at the diner with Anna. Jimmy wonders why Michael never told him about his feelings for Amanda or that they were sleeping together. Michael responds that it was only because he didn't want to hurt Jimmy. Jimmy feels as though a lot of heartache and hurt could have been avoided if he'd just known. Michael apologizes.

Amanda enters, sensing the tension in the roof. She tells Jimmy and Michael that Eamon has sent a text, asking to meet at the airport.

Michael asks one of the police guarding their street to drive him to the pharmacy, where he picks up some epilepsy medication. The pharmacist lists the side effects but assures Michael he'll probably be fine and that if these don't eliminate his symptoms, there should be other medications that will. 

Back at home, Michael takes his medication and looks at a picture of Anna on his phone. He leaves without taking his bulletproof vest.

Amanda says goodbye to Michael and Jimmy as they ride off on Jimmy's motorcycle. She returns inside, where Anthony is playing video games. She tells him that's she'll make him any meal he wants -- he asks for Thai curry.

Nikki expresses her frustration at Eric's situation to Frank and Birdy. Frank says Eric is unlikely to be out of solitary until the business with Eamon is sorted. 

In his cell, Eric does push-ups and repeatedly bangs his head and punches the door. The guards arrive to find him bloody and unable to stand.

Jimmy finds Amanda in the kitchen and remarks that she's cooking Jamie's favorite meal. He tells her that he wouldn't have done what Michael is doing for her if only she'd asked. She says he could do something for her tomorrow, but it would mean missing Jamie's month's mind mass. Jimmy says he will. 

Eamon lounges by his pool, saying goodnight to his son on a video chat. Kem arrives with Con. Eamon tells Kem he wants Michael or one of the Kinsella family. Kem promises to deliver.

Alone outside, Frank snorts some cocaine.

Jimmy and Amanda lay in bed together. Jimmy is asleep. Amanda gets up, heads into Jamie's old bedroom, and curls up in his bed. 

With many bodyguards surrounding him, Eamon heads to his meeting at the airport.

Amanda checks in with Jimmy, making sure he's still okay to do what she asked of him. He confirms that he is. Amanda heads off, only to be met by Frank. He tells her she'll be put back in her place once this is all over.  Frank makes a show of standing in front of Amanda's car before he lets her drive off.

Amanda arrives at the airport. She makes her way through security to meet with Eamon in the lounge. He says there will be no deal -- if she doesn't return his drugs, he will place a higher bounty on Anthony's head than any of the others. Amanda tells him if any of the Kinsellas die, she will burn all his drugs. She says she will return his drugs in exchange for peace. She lists all the people he's killed. He agrees that her offer may be fair, but it makes him look weak, which is unacceptable. Eamon says he will take back the drugs, and one of either Frank, Jimmy, Michael, or Eric -- Amanda gets to choose. Amanda requests that she be able to take Anthony to Jamie's mass without fear. He grants her request.

Amanda returns home. She meets with Birdy and Frank. Amanda tells them Eamon has agreed to end the feud in exchange for his drugs and Eric. Frank lashes out. Amanda leaves. Birdy tells Frank he needs to start acting like a boss. If he doesn't want to give up Eric, he must find a way to save him.

Nikki visits Eric at the prison hospital. Eric apologizes for not thinking of Nikki's needs. He tells her to find out who the eyewitness was, to get 20,000 euros, and get Kem to put a hit on him. It is the only way to ensure Eric can get released. Nikki agrees to do it.

Amanda and Anthony arrive at the church for Jamie's mass. Her parents are also there.

Birdy offers to call Eamon in the hopes of negotiating further.

Kem and Con Doyle arrive at a secluded location. Jimmy arrives, masked, and after hesitating, kills Con. Kem runs away. 

Amanda recites the confession at mass.

Frank snorts a handful of cocaine.

Birdy calls Eamon, telling him that they will pay any price to save Eric. Eamon tells her it was Amanda that chose Eric and hangs up.

Frank gets an excessive nosebleed and blacks out. Birdy finds him on the ground. She calls an ambulance.

Eamon arrives in Spain, greeted by Cenk Batuk, saying he will drive Eamon to meet with his father. 

Eamon, Cenk, and Cenk's bodyguard walk through the parkade. Shots ring out. The bodyguard falls, as does Cenk. Eamon turns to see Michael. Eamon tells Michael that Amanda had sorted everything. Michael tells Eamon that Amanda lied and shoots him in the head.

Jimmy vomits and proceeds to burn Con's body. 

Michael walks away from the scene of his crime. 

Amanda lights a candle at the altar of the Virgin Mary. Amanda's mother approaches, offering a place for Amanda and Anthony with them. Amanda states her loyalty to her family as a Kinsella.

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