Kin - Frank Kinsella  Season 1 Episode 1
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A young man purchases a large number of sweets at a candy shop and then drives off on the back of a motorcycle through the streets of Dublin. Arriving at his destination, he passes off the candy, masks up, and shoots.

Amanda Kinsella gets home with a pile of cash. She puts it in the safe under her bed.

Frank Kinsella meets with Eamon Cunningham. Frank expresses his disappointment to Eamon -- one of Eamon's men took out two of Frank's dealers. Eamon would like Frank to be "all in" with him, by making him their exclusive supplier. Frank is non-committal.

Amanda gets ready for Michael's party. She gets dressed and does a line of coke. Jimmy, Michael's brother and Amanda's husband, drives Michael to the party. Michael has just been released from prison. 

Birdy helps Amanda get the party set up. Eric, Frank's son, is doing coke in from of Amanda's son, Jamie. Amanda chastises Jamie for drinking and Eric for doing drugs while Jamie watches. Amanda tells Jamie he'll be going back to school. 

Jimmy and Michael arrive at the party. Michael gets a warm welcome from everyone. Frank arrives late.

Jimmy offers Michael a place to stay, but Michael declines.

Frank and Eric discuss Eamon. Eric says that Eamon should compensate them for his man's actions; Frank insists that the situation is handled. Eric argues that they need to retaliate. Frank calls Eric an embarrassment to the family. 

Eric leaves, with his girlfriend Nikki. Michael says he wants to leave as well, as does Frank, leaving Birdy disappointed. The party ends. Birdy offers Michael her spare room, but Michael declines again.

Michael returns to his old place. A small hole in the wall triggers a fit-like reaction in him.

Amanda cleans up after the party. Jimmy tries to get her to leave it and come to bed, but she insists on tidying up.

Eric and Nikki head home, but Eric insists on making a stop first. He accosts a gang of Eamon's men and attacks them. They beat Eric up, but not badly, and tell him to get lost.

Nikki and Eric get home. Nikki tries to calm Eric. Eric gets changed and insists on Nikki's confidentiality about what he has done and what he is going to do. Eric leaves and Nikki stays home.

Eric stealthily follows some of Eamon's gang and does a drive-by shooting at a small outdoor party.

Amand begins to drive Jamie to her car dealership, saying he has to work if he's not going to apply for college. Jamie says he'll stay home and fill out his forms. Amanda arrives at the dealership and gets a shipment of cars to process.

Frank informs the family (Birdy, Eric, and Jimmy) about Eamon's expectations, that he wants an exclusive partnership. Frank says he upped Eamon's cut to 35%, which the family is not thrilled about, but Frank maintains that at least they're staying independent. Michael shows up and Eric leaves. Michael says he needs a job, insisting it has to be a legal one so that he can see his daughter, Anna. Franks says he'll get Michael a job.

Eamon is informed about Eric's misdeeds -- the scuffle and subsequent drive-by shooting. Eamon gives his blessing for his men to take out Eric.

Eric shows up at Amanda's car dealership, asking for a different car. Amanda can't offer him much selection, until next week when the new cars have been processed.

Unseen in a restaurant, Michael watches Anna from across the street.

Frank tells Amanda to give Michael a job -- washing cars at the dealership.

Amanda returns home from work and finds Jamie and his brother playing video games. Jamie hasn't filled out his college applications, saying he would rather work for the family. Amanda tells Jamie he is not allowed to be part of their criminal dealings, and Jamie calls her a hypocrite since she herself is complicit in the family's illegal operations.

Jimmy overhears. Amanda is firm that Jamie stays out of the family business, but Jimmy says that it's not entirely up to her.

Eric is at "work" when he gets a call from Frank. Eric arrives (Nikki works the front) and goes to see Frank alone. Frank asks Eric if he knows anything about the shooting the previous night. Eric insists that he doesn't, saying that was with Nikki all night. Nikki corroborates Eric's story, lying to Frank.

Birdy checks in on Michael and brings him some food. Birdy implies that Kinsellas stick together and that he needs to stay with the family business.

Michael shows up at Amanda's dealership for the job Frank promised him.

Jimmy takes Jamie to a "job" where Jimmy has to threaten and beat up a small-time dealer, Keith, and get the money they are owed. Jimmy burns Keith's face with a hot iron and they take all the money he has. Jimmy insists that Jamie keep the money, saying he earned it. 

Michael washes cars all day. Amanda checks on him at lunch and invites him to eat with her. At lunch, they talk about Jamie. Amanda asks how long Michael will work the "legitimate" angle. Michael reiterates that he will be able to see his daughter if he holds down a job and stays out of trouble. Amanda advises Michael that he should consider Anna's feelings and that it might be best for her if he leaves her alone.

The police arrive at Eric's door. He answers, naked. Detective Breslin tells him that his life is in danger.

Jamie informs Amanda that he's filled out his college application forms -- he's going to go into law because he figures it will be useful to the family. Amanda reminisces about the night Jamie was conceived, much to Jamie's disgust.

Jamie drives Michael to the gym. They see Eric's car and notice he has a flat tire. Michael sees a nail in it and realizes it's been done on purpose. Eric comes out of the gym and gunfire rings out. Eric is shot and Michael tries to stem the bleeding. Michael tells Jamie to call an ambulance, only to realize that Jamie has also been shot, and killed.


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Kin Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Don't tell me to calm down, you know that winds me up even more.


Nikki: Michael. He's quieter than I thought. He's real shy or something.
Eric: He's not shy when you cross him.