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The episode opens with the dedication of the new capital, Shiloh, for the fictional country of Gilboa.  The King Silas is about to give his opening speech with nothing formally written and no Reverend to introduce him.  Meanwhile, we cut over to an older woman and her family of boys watching the speech.  One of these boys is David Shepard and he goes outside to fix a broken car in their family's shop.  The man turns out to be the Reverand Samnuels, who's late for the celebration and in exchange for fixing the car, he gives him his broken watch.

Two years later, we cut to David in the middle of a war zone.  Meanwhile, King Silas is discussing with his cabinet whether to negotiate with terrorists to free some hostages.  Initially he refuses to, but once he realizes one of the hostages is his son, he immediately changes his mind.  That night, David Shepard strips down from his armor and decides to cross enemy lines behind the army of tanks (Goliaths) and free the two hostages from a tent.  He manages to get the two guys out and back across the lines, but gets stuck in the line of a tank.  He manages to blow the tank up with a rocket.

The next day, David is preparing to get court marshalled and a helicopter suddenly arrives and King Silas comes out and David realizes who he saved.  David is flown in to the capital and the King's son, Jack, is supposed to give him a tour of the house.  Meanwhile, Jack was busy being a playboy and celebrating surviving his hostage situation, but definitely gives a guy the eye and doesn't enjoy making out with his ladies much, and he shows up late for the tour.  The King is in front of his cabinet and declaress Gilboa will finally go on the offense against Gath... it's war.  His daughter, Michelle, meanwhile, gets up in front of them and pleads her case for increased health care.

At the ball celebrating David's actions, the ladies are loving him, but he seems to prefer hanging out alone at the bar.  He escaped for a bit to play the piano and Michelle walks in on him and they seem to hit it off.  We then see a darker side of the King as he tells his men he plans on using David to distract the nation while they go to war and that he plans on having one of his men killed.  The King then tells David that he will be Captain and Jack gets angry that he was the one held hostage and he lost his position to David and now might be brought up on charges. The guy that the King wanted killed is, well, killed.

David is nervous to accept the position of Captain and to stay in Shiloh and not return to his guys and gets on the phone with his troops.  He sent them beer and video games and they tell him to stay, he deserves it!  Suddenly we see planes overhead and the sounds of bomb dropping and the video cuts out.  We then go to the King and his cabinet and Gath sent a message.. it's a peace treaty!  Meanwhile, Michelle comes to visit David at his apartment and he has no clue there's now peace and she takes him outside to the parades where he goes in for a kiss!  Meanwhile, the King is talking to his son on the steps who's busy drinking himself stupid instead of celebrating.  The King tells him he knows his son is gay and he can't be if he's going to take his place as King.  That night, the King's brother-in-law, William Cross, reveals that if he doesn't go back to war for at least another year, his company, Crossgen, that made Silas a king, will pull its money and collapse his empire.

We also learn that Silas married his wife, Rose, in order to get what he wanted.  After his meeting with William, Silas sneaks off to see his mistress and his son he has with her.  He says that's the only place he's happy.  We see a clip of soldiers back at war and then Silas goes to his Reverand to ask him to get the people on his side to end peace.  The Reverand tells him he knew that he set up the ambush, the hostage situation, etc as part of a plan and is now no longer on his side and neither is God.  David then goes to visit his brother who's dying on the war front.  He admits to him on his death bed, that David feels like a coward because he tried to surrender to the tank when he stood in front of it. He then takes his dying brother's white sheet covered in blood and takes it as a surrender flag in front of the tanks and pleads for them to come out and talk to him.  They eventually do.  Now the King claims he sent David out there and plans to have peace talks with Gath.

William, meanwhile, calls the treasury and says to pull the gold.  King Silas has his piano that David enjoyed to his house.  Queen Rose had been looking for her phone all episode and it was phone in the backseat of the car with the secretary's bra.  It seems she set it all up to make it look like her son slept with the secretary and leaks the story to the press.  Guess mommy wants her son to be King.  The King then tells David he can leave if he'd like after what just happened to his brother, etc.  David chooses to stay.  Butterfies then land on David's head in the shape of a crown, the same story Silas tells happened to him.  Meanwhile, Jack sits in a car with William as he tells him he needs Jack to serve as Silas's replacement!

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Kings Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

Soldier: Your mother makes the best brownies, what's in these man?
David: Guilt

David: I can't charge you for a piece of tape
Reverand Samuels: It's your time I owe you for