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The episode opens with David back at home spending time with his family.  They watch Silas announce on TV the plan to give back Port Prosperity plus additional land that includes where David's family lives.  When David returns, Silas sends him back to his homeland to try and talk to some protestors.  At the protest, David tries to defend the King's actions, but the protestors, including his brother, want blood for their land.  The end up rioting against the local police.

The King, meanwhile, is ignoring the riot and spends his time finshing.  However, Michelle goes in to talk to the protestors and tells them she can give them amnesty if they give themselves up.  That's not waht they want, so they end up kidnapping Michelle and trying to hold her ransom.  Silas then sends him men to kill them and asks for complete press silence.

Meanwhile, William, as a sign of good faith to make Jack his next leader, had given Jack a local television network, UNN, which Jack makes refuse to let listen to the blackout.  That's when Silas calls Katrina Ghent, a beautiful rich woman that's been attempting to buy a Ministry position to restore her good name.  He has her buy up UNN in order to comply with the press silence.

That's when Silas sends in an army to kill all the protestors.  David begs the King to let him go in and try to talk them out of it... he has two minutes.  Silas's general, Abner, very much vocalizes they should not do it this way.  Silas gives in.  David goes in and when it hits two minutes, he tackles his brother so they'll be safe from the gun fire (Michelle is safe due to a chip they had implanted in her when she was young).  When a gunner goes to kill Michelle in the end, Ethan saves her. 

Later, David tries to use this to get Ethan out of jail, but he's still going to face treason charges.  David gets permission to drop his brother off at home and when he does, Ethan tells David to never talk to him again and his mother ends up closing the door on David without saying a word.

Meanwhile, William is meeting with a group of guys when he gets a text that says "get out."  William rushes out and the group ends up getting raid.  It turns out it was the General that warned William... he fears Silas is getting soft and no longer wants to serve.

Silas then warns Jack not to trust any gifts from his Uncle.  He gives Jack all the power behind Katrina's position, since she only wants it in title only.  He thinks it will be good for Jack to have power without credit.

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