Landry Fights
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The fighting is still taking place after Joan's death.

Landry and Phillip go at it. Phillip kills Landry, but it was all a dream.

Landry wakes up from his nightmare with the baby by his side.

Landry sends the baby off with Tancrede to get her to a safe place.

He's going away to make things right with the Templars. Tancrede lets him go. He names the baby Eve. When he gets to the Templar's castle, he is ripped of his cloak and beaten up. He is banished and no longer a Templar.

Landry has been sitting outside Templars gates and the Grand Master finally talks to him. He wants forgiveness. Berenger wants nothing to do with it. Tancrede defends Landry.

Talus shows up who says he is unworthy of returning to the Templars but Grand Master is going to call a vote to have Landry renter as an initiate. He has to start over.

Phillip hears about Landry and is upset. He wants to attack the Paris temple. Isabelle encourages him. His advisor says it's not a good idea.

A knight is brought in who accuses Phillip of killing Queen Joan. It's Parsifal who maintains the truth. Phillip tortures Parsifal by removing his tongue. He is taken to the dungeon.

The Templars vote and Landry is allowed to become an initiate because of Naman's vote in his favor.

Landry starts his initiate training. One man falls and Landry tries to help but Talus interferes. Talus has a bit of a Joker voice going on.

Louis comes before Philip. It's Philip's son. Nogaret is there as well and Louis gives him orders. Louis learns about Joan's death and is upset. He wants Landry's head.

Talus is holding class and the initiates begin more training. It's Landry's turn and he was close but Talus gets involved and "kills" him. He's being hard on Landry for a reason.

Talus makes Landry tell the other initiates about what happened to him.

There's a fight happening a local's a paid fight. The Crusader is going to fight someone. Gawain.

Landry tells someone why he came back after he's not allowed to eat with others.

Tancrede tells the Grand Master about a tunnel that leads to treasure. Berenger wants to send initiates. The initiates start their mission which includes Landry.

They invade and a battle ensues.

After it's over, Talus wants Landry to leave.

Louis finds Joan's body and brings it to his father.

Landry starts whipping himself before a cross. Talus finds him. 

Philip and Louis learn that the baby is alive.

Nogaret visits Gawain. He makes a Gawain an offer.











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Knightfall Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Landry has made many mistakes and he must atone for them. I ask you. Who are we, as men of Christ, if we do not give him a chance at redemption?


Landry: You killed Joan.
Philip: No, Landry. You killed Joan. You betrayed me. You betrayed us all.