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Knightfall Season 2 Episode 3 Review: Faith

Knightfall Review: Faith

On Knightfall Season 2 Episode 3, Landry and Talus make a deep connection after Landry decides to go out on his own, while Louis makes a deal with Gawain.
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Knightfall Season 2 Episode 2 Review: The Devil Inside

Knightfall Review: The Devil Inside

On Knightfall Season 2 Episode 2, Philip tasks Louis with finding Joan's baby while Landry tries to form a team within his group, but things go horribly wrong.
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Knightfall Quotes

Landry has made many mistakes and he must atone for them. I ask you. Who are we, as men of Christ, if we do not give him a chance at redemption?


Landry: You killed Joan.
Philip: No, Landry. You killed Joan. You betrayed me. You betrayed us all.