On the Same Page - La Brea
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Eve doesn't trust James to help her, and she's angry she's the last to know about these visions.

The clearing isn't happy to see them either since they almost trapped them there.

Riley screams, and the group finds Wyatt dead in the dirt. There is a symbol next to him. The guys argue over who's going to solve the case.

Eve refuses to take the vision seriously and wants to search for the murderer.

Eve got knocked into a cave and woke up with her leg trapped and surrounded by red flowers.

Josh wants to help their dad save their mom before worrying about reuniting their family.

Ty starts to feel worse, but then he and Izzy find a large pool of blood and a knife.

Gavin and company find torn clothes and Dr. Moore's body. Josh finds a key, so they continue onto the caves.

Sam and Lucas form an uneasy truce and agree to find the murderer together.

Lucas sees that a 7-inch knife is missing from Virgil's kit and accused him of killing Wyatt. Ty and Izzy return with a bloody knife and an Exiles symbol.

Scott tells Sam about his deal with Tammet to save Lucas's life. Sam reassures him he was in an impossible decision.

Eve continually talks to a rabbit as we hear bear noises. Eve struggles in the cave but finally makes it back to the clearing.

Caroline and Riley find Dr. Moore's research, but Caroline asks Riley to keep it confidential.

Ty gets weaker and asks James for a cure at the Lazurus hospital.

Eve still isn't happy about working with James, but Gavin will do anything to save her.

After Lucas apologizes to Virgil, Virgil looks at the Exiles symbol and has a flashback.

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La Brea Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

Wyatt was murdered.


We can save your wife and we can do it together.