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The group arrives in 10,000 BC. They can't find Josh.

Ty tells Ella he's engaged. She offers to make him a ring.

Everyone is trying to build houses in the clearing. Lucas is struggling with his arm.

Ty and Scott were almost attacked by buffalo, and there are hundreds of them nearby.

The group splits up to go to Lazarus or the research station.

Lucas becomes the clearing leader and suggests distracting the buffalo with tar and flames.

Izzy knows Gavin is hiding something, so he tells her about his vision before they arrive at Lazurus.

Sam wants more answers that uploading the virus is the only situation. He hates never seeing his family again.

The survivors are arguing over how to build a tar line, and Lucas becomes overwhelmed. Scott encourages him on leadership.

Veronica and Ella also found red flowers in the cave that held amethyst. It brought up bad memories of Aaron.

Gavin and James's assistant don't trust each other. James takes Izzy to the gardens, where she saw the red flowers.

Gavin managed to activate the portal with his handprint. The virus begins uploading but then stops because Sam is trying to stop power. Sam almost loses it, but Riley talks him down.

The guys distracted the buffalo with the fire, but it started raining hard, including fish.

The guys realize the buffalo hate noise, so everyone bangs on horns to derail them. Veronica and Ella return right after the buffalo left. Veronica is proud of Lucas.

James and Izzy find Gavin. Izzy tells him she saw red flowers. As James promises he can save Eve and Izzy begs him, Gavin aborts the virus.

La Brea
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La Brea Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Ella: Does this have anything to do with Lucas?
Veronica: We kissed. It was nice, which is why I’m getting rid of everything connected to the old me.

Ty: I’ve been thinking about something like that too. I asked Paara to marry me.
Ella: That’s wonderful, Ty.
Ty: But, in order to do that, I need a proper ring.
Ella: Do you want me to make one?