Trusting Each Other - LA's Finest
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Syd and McKenna remain on rocky footing following the fallout of their fight.

Dante goes in search for Ray and finds his brother burned alive.

Dante then goes to McKenna and tells her to do her job.

Patrick, McKenna, Syd, and Izzie got to a press event for Patrick's new job as interim district attorney.

There, Syd meets Carlene, who works for Gabriel Knox.

Syd goes back to her apartment early and finds Arlo and another man breaking in, looking for the stolen drugs.

After Arlo and the man fail, Carlene shoots the man and tells Arlo she's taking over for him.

Syd then reaches out to McKenna and asks for her help in getting rid of the drugs.

Meanwhile, Patrick meets with his former boss/the former district attorney, who viewers later learn has ties to Carlene.

Elsewhere, Syd and McKenna try to piece together what happened when a body plummets onto a busy street, seemingly falling straight from the sky, while Baines and Walker try to find a team of robbers hitting banks.

It turns out the two cases are connected, and the team works together to arrest the thieves.

Lastly, Izzie shaves her head to match the license photo in new fake ID. 

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LA's Finest Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

Syd: Oh, so we’re just going to pretend like you didn’t walk away from me yesterday, and you haven’t been returning my calls? We’re just gonna pretend it didn’t happen?
McKenna: I don’t know. Are we going to pretend you didn’t go a background check on me, which is like a major violation.
Syd: OK, here we go.
McKenna: Look, after what you’ve done, you don’t get to dig into my life.
Syd: Nobody cares what you did, McKenna. Everyone’s got a past, and for the record, I wasn’t digging into your life. I was looking into Ray Sherman, which led me to his brother Dante, which led me to you. And you shouldn’t be surprised because I saw Dante at your house.
McKenna: Because of you. You are dragging me into your mess. I know what Gabriel Knox did to you.
Syd: I don’t even know what Gabriel Knox did to me. I’ve got the scars, I’ve got the medical records, but when I close my eyes at night, I can’t even see the asshole’s face.

Priest: Is today the day? Do I finally get your confession?
Syd: I’d have to be a sinner first.
Priest: I guess I dressed up for nothing. You know you don’t have to suffer alone.
Syd: Maybe I don’t want to drag other people into my suffering.