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Dante shows up at McKenna's house, pretending to be a former resident, after being attacked by a drug dealer named Arlo.

Dante asks for her help in locating his older brother Ray who has gone dark and tells McKenna Syd was the one who burned down Club Cirque.

McKenna asks Syd about this, and Syd confesses to burning down the club.

Syd goes to her father for a new lead on finding Gabriel Knox, and he points her in the direction of a confidential informant of his.

Syd goes to the house, followed by McKenna, but upon arrival, the confidential informant is found dead.

McKenna is upset that Syd lied to her after they agreed no more secrets.

Joseph then shows up at the precinct, upset that his friend was killed.

Syd and Joseph get into it, and she is later comforted by Baines.

Toward the end of the episode, Syd learns McKenna has a connection to Dante.

Flashbacks reveal a teenage McKenna and Dante pulled a couple of robberies, but at their last heist, Dante got caught.

He didn't give up McKenna, and she still feels like she owes him.

At the end of the episode, McKenna visits her younger brother Nico and gives him money, while Syd and Joseph grab a drink.


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LA's Finest Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Izzie: You got a perp in the trunk.
Syd: No, Izzie, we wouldn’t do that. We have a snitch in the trunk.
Gil: I prefer confidential informant.

Syd: What are you doing on Tujunga? Nobody takes Tujunga. You’re wasting time. Just make a left right here.
McKenna: I know how to get there.
Syd: Dude, the app says there’s a shortcut…
McKenna: The app can suck it. I know LA.
Gil: Sista gal is right. The app is always faster.
McKenna: Wait a minute, is someone talking in the backseat? Someone I told to shut his face five minutes ago. I ain’t playing with you, Gil.
Gil: Why you giving the man grief?
Syd: Because you made us chase you, jackass.
Gil: My people were born to run. I have an obligation to flee.
Syd: OK, you’re fake ass Jamaican accent is getting on my damn nerves.