Syd: Seriously, if you want to rethink this, it’s cool.
McKenna: Syd, we’re good.
Syd: I’m just saying if we go to jail, we’re going to be in different gangs. It’s a race thing. I’m going to have to shank you.
McKenna: Well, you’re going to have to get past Roxie.
Syd: Roxie?
McKenna: I go to jail with this face, first thing I do is wife up.

Syd: Big Mikey sticks up and kills dope boys. That is literally robbery and homicide.
Calloway: I’m gangs and narcotics. We’re raiding drugs from a gang.
Syd: This our lead, Calloway. You know how it works. We have every right to see this case through.
Calloway: And you can, in a support role.

McKenna: I’m just telling you she was acting really weird.
Syd: Like obsessed with death weird, or like shave her head to troll her parents weird.
McKenna: Like up to something weird.

Baines: I’m sure they’ll put us in the loop when the time is right.
Walker: You’re not even a little curious?
Baines: Of course, I’m curious. I’m a detective; I’m always curious.
Walker: All right…
Baines: But I do respect the code.
Walker: OK, yeah, yeah, yeah. We have each other’s backs unconditionally… but…
Baines: No, as soon as you say but, that’s conditional. We have each other’s backs, what?
Walker: Unconditionally.

Syd: Something you want to ask me?
Joseph: No. Something you want to tell?
Syd: No. You really came through today.
Joseph: If that’s what it took to get the invite, I would have helped you commit a felony a long time ago.

Baines: Do you want to know the secret to staying connected with your lady and keeping your sanity throughout the pregnancy?
Walker: No.
Baines: Sex.
Walker: I said no.
Baines: Like lots of sex. Like more than you think. Like Armageddon.

Syd: Did you have them put your shoes back on?
Big Mikey: Damn right. You know how much these off-whites cost? You didn’t have to chase me.
McKenna: You didn’t have to run into traffic.
Big Mikey: Oh, so it’s my fault now?
Syd: You committed six homicides in two years, Big Mikey.
McKenna: All drug dealers in their stash houses.
Big Mikey: Nah, doesn’t sound like me. You ain’t got nothing.
Syd: Well, the DNA evidence and all of the witnesses tie you to the murders, so there’s that.
Big Mikey: You got DNA, forensics? OK.
McKenna: Well, there’s video.

McKenna: Gotta get the stuff out of your apartment, put it in the shop, and then we’ll call in a raid.
Syd: You mean fentanyl out of my loft. I don’t pay what I pay in rent for an apartment.
McKenna: That’s what you’re seriously thinking about right now?
Syd: No, I’m thinking about how the hell I get the drugs out of my loft and into a stash house without anyone knowing.

Syd: And here I thought cowgirl was your favorite.
Hendrix: Syd, I’m worried about you.
Syd: You’re undermining me.
Hendrix: It’s still my call. You gonna make me pull rank?
Syd: You would never pull rank on a man. You wouldn’t.
Hendrix: Because I’m trying to protect you.
Syd: And that is what I’m talking about.

McKenna: What’s up, kiddo?
Izzie: I think we work best with healthy boundaries based on my respectful deference to you as an authority figure.
McKenna: Respectful, really?
Izzie: Mostly.

McKenna: What is wrong with you?
Dante: What’s wrong with me? Ray’s fucking dead. Knox’s killing him. When they find him behind this club, this club we were going to open to get out underneath Knox. They’re coming for me next. So, you know what’s interesting about it? They burned him alive because they think he stole some drugs, burnt down the club, but you and I, we both know what really happened, don’t we?
McKenna: Oh god. Dante, I’m… I’m so sorry.
Dante: I know that’s bullshit because you hid it, right, and the feeling was mutual, OK. But that guy always came first for me. You know that. You owe him.
McKenna: So what do you want from me?
Dante: I want you to do your job, and I want you to find who did this.

Syd: I want Knox.
Arlo: Careful what you wish for.

LA's Finest Quotes

Patrick: Is that my credit card? We gave that to you for emergencies.
Izzie: A draconian dress code policy enforced by a slut-shaming patriarchy enabler is an emergency.

McKenna: What are you doing anyway?
Burnett: Dating.
McKenna: Online?
Burnett: Don’t judge me just because you’re out of the game.
McKenna: I’m not out of the game. I won the game. I got married.
Burnett: Uh, you did not win the game. The game played you.
McKenna: Well, does the game make you breakfast in bed or fix a leaky faucet?
Burnett: My building has maintenance and food can be delivered. Oh, check that out.
McKenna: Is that a Toblerone?
Burnett: Guess again.