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-Marcus and Sam hold the fifth Black Ops soldier known as Booth but tell no one. James figures it out but let's Sam handle it, for now. Still, he tells Grace that she's being lied to.

-The COB goes on a crusade against the islanders dealing drugs to his crew.

-Marcus has the entire island tossed looking for the key. Serrat objects and the two have a verbal confrontation. Later one of Serrat's men kidnap a crewman and strap a bomb to her chest. James disarms it with Grace's help.  Later the two have sex on the beach but swear it's a one time thing.

-When Marcus confronts Serrat again, Marcus has the man who set the bomb killed and tells Serrat if he pushes again Marcus will be his judge, jury, and executioner.

-Sam sees the video of him kissing Sophie. She tells him it was only the drugs and confesses that she's running mineral samples for Serrat but lying about the results.

-Serrat captures the COB, burns his feet, and pumps him full of drugs when he figures out that he's a former junkie who kicked the habit years ago.

-Cortez buries the launch key she stole somewhere on the island.

-In D.C. the government claims Amanda Straw was killed in a plane crash but Kylie has Christine show pictures of her body with obvious gun shot wounds to the press.

-With Christine's help, Kylie bugs Paul's car. They overhear a phone call between Paul and Secretary of Defense Curry who tells Paul to stick with the plan if he wants to see his son again.

Last Resort
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Last Resort Season 1 Episode 7 Quotes

Tossed my bunk too. You don't see me bitchin' about somebody spittin' in my grits.


I don't pull rank Lieutenant. I have rank.