Limits of Influence - Law & Order: Organized Crime
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Bell wants Reyes to keep on following. The gang members fight with each other. Whalen demands to know where the boss is so he can get off the road now that he has lost the cops.

The gang introduces "KEvin" (Whalen) to meet El Jefe. Whalen says if it wasn't for him these two would be in cuffs. El Jefe says he is bad news because he hit cops. Reyes comes in asking to use the bathroom and the gang kicks Whalen out. They are done with him.

Bell and Stabler confront Whalen. Whalen says they are working for a guy named Duran from Miami and now Duran doesn't trust him because Reyes interfered. Stabler says he will finish the job.

Stabler and Whalen film a video in which Stabler appears to shoot Whalen. Whalen is pissed that Stabler is taking over. Jet goes after him.

The cops give Whalen marked bills. He tells Jet this is a way to get Stabler in. He could have done it but Stabler needs to be "the guy."

Two detectives from Miami show up. Bell calls Stabler in and Deputy Inspector says the detectives are here to help. He wants Stabler to make them feel welcome. Bell instructs Stabler to play nice.

The detectives brief the OCU. Duran is behind lots of drug problems in Miami.

Stabler goes into a bar and orders whatever the guy playing pool is having. He meets the dealer from before and says he's looking for Duran. Christopbal denies knowing Duran. Stabler throws money around and says he's a guy looking to do business. Christobal frisks him. Stabler says he took care of Kevin.

El Jefe asks how he knows Kevin. Stabler shows him the video and says his name is Moretti. He says Kevin was looking to rip Duran off. But he doesn't tolerate snitches. He needs a supplier. It's almost like fate.

Duran shows Stabler a sculpture and sends him away. The girl can't tell whether Stabler is who he says he is or not. Duran says she knows what to do.

Stabler calls Bell and updates her as he leaves. He and Bell notice he is being followed. Stabler goes into a parking garage. The gang girl parks nearby and atkes photos of him exchanging money with a guy in a hood.

News says there was a shooting in Washington Heights. Miami guy says that it is Duran's doing. Stabler's friend has gotten shot trying to save his nephew. He gives Stabler Duran's name as the person who has ruined the neighborhood. Stabler gets a call that Duran wants to meet.

The gang takes Stabler's phone and keys before he meets Duran who has a classic car. After some discussion of cars, Duran is ready to talk. He did his research and found nothing on Stabler. He wants collateral. What does Stabler care about?

When Stabler returns, Bell complains that the detectives are being iced out. Stabler tells Whalen to keep the detectives occupied.

Dep Inspector is worried about giving Stabler more money for this op. Bell is sure they can get the international trafficker.

Stabler finds Christobel has been shot. He says Duran took it out on him when some guys got into it with another crew.

The cops show up and shoot Christobel again during a sudden raid.

Stabler is "arrested" and is not happy the Miami detectives interfered. He says they ruined the operation. He confronts Whalen who claims that Stabler made it all about him. They argue and Dep Inspector shows up and says Duran is gone. He thinks they got Christobal and that's good enough. The case is in the DEA's hands now.

Stabler calls everyone into the break room. He says he is calling BS on this. He says Christobal's phone might tell them where Duran is. Whalen finally redeems himself suggesting they contact the phone carrier to find out where Christobal has been. They find a storefront in the Bronx where Duran may be hiding.

At the warehouse, the female gang member is caught as she runs away. She's shocked Stabler is a cop.

In interrogation the woman refuses to talk. Stabler says she is playing the loyal solider but Duran doesn't feel the same way about her.

Whalen wants to try. She claims she knew he was a cop. He doesn't believe her. He has DNA paperwork showing Duran has family here and that's who he is loyal to. She says he is a liar so why should she believe him? He says it's all right there for her to see. She looks at the paper and is upset. Stabler is impressed as he watches.

Duran tells his little grandson about the turtles where he grew up. The female gang leader shows up. He sends the child away. She kisses him and wants to talk. She says the bar was raided, Christobel is dead. What should she do? She's all alone here. Duran won't help her. He says Christobel was no good. He tells her to leave. She pulls a gun on him and orders him to admit he runs drugs. The cops burst in as he claims the police will see he has nothing to do with this. She shoots him as the cops come into his office. The little boy sees.

Bell searches for Thurman online and finds nothing. Miami has cleared out and Duran is dead.

Stabler tries to compliment Whalen who asks if Bell told him to say that. He feels Stabler humiliated him on purpose.Stabler says they work as a team and Whalen will get his shot again.

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Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Stabler: Those two yahoos don't have any jurisdiction here, and he's inviting them in. What's his angle?
Bell: He's new here and he wants to do things different.
Stabler: How do you feel about that?
Bell: I feel the clock's ticking and we're running out of time. So let's play nice.

You got us in; now I'll finish the job. Just gotta murder you first.