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Omar Pena attempts to reopen his case and overturn his conviction for the rape and torture of a young woman, but his request his denied. When another rape occurs with an identical m.o., Benson, the detective who got his confession, attempts to link Pena to the crime. However, the investigation of the new victim's rape turns up DNA evidence from both attacks, which doesn't match Pena or his possible accomplice. In re-interviewing the first victim, Benson realizes she made a mistake when questioning Pena and ended up coercing a false confessionout of him. Bayard Ellis takes Pena's case and works to get him released while Benson searches for the a new suspect. The real rapist, a Brazilian sailor, is arrested, and Pena is released. Because of Pena's false confession, the D.A. creates a committee to investigate past convictions, starting with Special Victims, and Haden is placed in charge of the group. The conflict of interest causes Benson and Haden to rethink their relationship.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 13 Episode 17 Quotes

Benson: He was about to confess.
Cragen: Doesn't mean he did it.

I'm not going to chase you. I will shoot your ass from right here.