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An infant boy is abandoned on the steps of the church not far from a hospital. DNA testing shows that the baby's mother is a young girl, Celia, who has been missing for three years. The investigation finds a similar case years earlier in New Jersey. After locating the mother of the first abandoned child, the detectives learn that she was abducted and kept by a husband and wife. When she gave birth to a son, the husband wouldn't allow her to keep it. Using her information, the detectives locate a husband and wife who have been holding Celia and her young daughter captive.

Meanwhile, Simon comes to Olivia for help when his kids are taken from him by Child Protective Services. Olivia gets Bayard Ellis to defend him against the drug charges that led to the removal of his children, but he loses faith in the system and doesn't believe his children will be returned to him. After trying to take his kids back, he's arrested for kidnapping. Bayard is able to get his charges reduced, but he and his fiancee must separate and he cannot have custody of his children.

Law & Order: SVU
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Law & Order: SVU Season 13 Episode 16 Quotes

Rollins: What are the odds on that?
Fin: (Meaningful look)
Rollins: It's just an expression.

You want to be a good father, Simon. Grow up.